Saturday, January 22, 2011

Comics Roundup for 1/19/11

Not much to write about even though it's been three weeks since the last Roundup. It seems like most of what I read comes out all at once, I guess. I actually picked up one of these a week ago, but I didn't want to write a one-comic entry. Anyway, here's what I got and what I thought about it:

Avengers: Prime #5 (of 5) - While I would have preferred to have seen more character interaction, I have to realize that these are superhero comics and not serious drama. With that said, this had some of the best art I've seen out of Alan Davis in some time, as it utilized his talent for crowd shots and battle scenes. Overall, it was a fun series although I'm not as sure now that it was as necessary as I did at the start of it.

Wolverine #5 - I don't have much to say about this one other than I enjoyed it and will continue to get this series. At the end of it, Wolverine managed to crawl his way out of hell, but he continues to have some serious problems to deal with. This is a well-paced series as there are some good developments with each issue. Also, it's always good to see Wolverine put through his paces, and Jason Aaron has concocted a story that has done just that.

The Amazing Spider-Man #651-652 - I realize what Dan Slott is going for with this new incarnation of the Hobgoblin. He's an interesting counterpart to the hero, as he's a young smartass who works for a newspaper and has an "Uncle Ben" as well. I wonder how Tom Defalco, his creator, feels about making him into a bad guy? Anyway, 651 wraps up that story (for now) and 652 introduces an army of Spider-slayers, and J. Jonah Jameson continues to be put to good use in this series after having almost disappeared for several years for its pages.

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