Sunday, March 13, 2011

Comics Roundup for 3/9/11

Batman Incorporated #3 - I think that I've finally discovered what's wrong with Grant Morrison's writing. He does a lousy job of introducing characters and situations. You basically have to figure out who's who and what's going on as though you just walked into a movie about half an hour through. Even with that though, his bold ideas and fun stories make up for it, as it is possible to eventually figure out who's who. I like the superhero from Argentina - dude has a mustache, rides a motorcycle - what's not to like?

Batman and Robin #21 - This issue got off to a slow start, but then it picked up about half way through. Somebody's killing the relatives of Batman's rogues gallery. His M.O. is pretty weird, and it fits in well with the tone that Grant Morrison established at the beginning of this series.

Venom #1 - This was okay, but it felt too heavy on introduction to the concept. I guess that's not necessarily a bad thing, but I felt like I got all of this intro stuff out of the way in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man. I guess they want to make sure that anybody picking this up can follow along though, and the ending was interesting enough to have me want to check out the next issue. I'm glad that they're still following up on all of the various plot threads about Flash Thompson that have been left dangling over the years.

Green Lantern #63 - I don't have much to say other than that I continue to enjoy this series immensely. Things keep moving along, and I like the bit about how Hal Jordan has become so consumed with being a Green Lantern that he isn't even sure when the last time he took his ring off was. That makes sense considering the events that have been going on in the past few years in this series - I can't ever see him getting much of a break.

The New Avengers #10 - We get to meet the Hella Old Avengers in this issue, as there's a flashback to the first Avengers team that was set up by Nick Fury in the late 1950s. It's kind of interesting to see Sabretooth and Kraven the Hunter on the same team. I'm just not quite sure yet how those flashbacks are going to tie into the main story, but I'm eager to find out.


Kaboom32 said...

That has always been Morrison's style. I remember it working really well when he wrote JLA because you were thrust into the middle of the story. On one hand,it worked with the characters already established and able to grow in their own series. But I always waited for the full story arc to be available before even trying to read it.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Very true - his stuff is always better in trade paperback or when you read a bunch of them back-to-back.

Josh Coito said...

I just want to make sure I'm getting this right, Lance:
"I'm glad that they're still following up on all of the various plot threads about Flash Thompson that have been left dangling over the years."

... I'm trying to think of something in the Marvel Universe I could care less about.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

How 'bout Captain Ultra?

Josh Coito said...

Wonder Man dying.