Monday, April 4, 2011

Comics Roundup for 3/30/11

Wow - a ton of stuff came out, and I didn't pick it up until Friday. I'll keep my thoughts brief:

Captain America #616 - Well, we're definitely gearing up for the return of Steve Rogers as Captain America, as I just read about the series reboot with Ed Brubaker still writing. The testament to his writing is that I'm genuinely concerned as to what's going to happen to James "Bucky" Barnes when Steve carries the shield yet again. Anyway, this was a rather huge issue with a lot of backup stories. Some were stronger than others, but they were all at least enjoyable.

Detective Comics #875 - This issue focused mainly on the plot involving Commissioner Gordon and his son, which I actually find to be a more compelling story than the one involving Batman (not that the Batman stuff is bad). Interesting stuff.

Kick Ass 2 #2 - Thinking back on the movie, I only liked it okay. This stuff really works better as a comic with its ultra-violence and superheroes with names like "Night Bitch". As always, Mark Millar really knows how to move a story forward.

Echo #29 - According to Terry Moore's blog, this is the penultimate issue. Really? He's going to wrap it all up in the next issue? Oh well, guess I'd better go through the entire series again, and one thing is for sure, I will definitely pick up his next series, although I'll probably pick up the trade paperbacks, as his work reads better in that format, I think.

Wolverine #7 - There was a plan to take out Logan if he got out of control again. The problem? It didn't work, but of course it didn't, because it would have to involve the death of the title character. This remains an entertaining title.

The Amazing Spider-Man #657 - This ties in with the new FF series, as it's a tribute to the relationship between Spider-Man and the Human Torch. Pretty entertaining stuff, even though I didn't like all of the artists they got for the flashback segments.

The Avengers #11 - The entire issue is told in full page panels. I don't know - feels gimmicky and a way to drag out the story longer than necessary. Still, we get Thanos at the end, so that's cool.

Fear Itself Prologue: Book of the Skull - Honestly, I'm not too sure what to make of this whole Fear Itself crossover coming up. The descriptions seem kind of vague and not as to the point as some of the other crossovers from the past few years. This was interesting enough though, and I'll at least check out the first issue of the actual series.

Secret Avengers #11 - So, Brubaker is leaving this book after next issue. I was going to give the new guy a try, and then I heard that he's not sticking around for long; however, Warren Ellis will be writing it for six issues. Oh well, my complaint about the title is my usual one - it's a good "Steve Rogers and Friends" comic, but it's not really an Avengers comic.

Green Lantern Corps #58 & Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #8 - I don't normally buy either of these two series, but I picked them up because they're tying in with the main Green Lantern title. They were fine and moved the story along, but I definitely liked Emerald Warriors more, as the fight between Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner was a good one, as it revealed some of the differences between the characters, as a good superhero fight out to do.

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