Thursday, September 15, 2011

Comics Roundup for 9/14/11

For anybody who's reading my "Comics Roundup" for the first time, allow me to explain the point of all this:  Mainly, it's a way for me to keep on top of what I'm buying.  I find myself less likely to buy stuff I don't really want when I have to take the time to write about them.  I guess you can call them mini-reviews, but I don't feel the need to be as thorough as I would if I was actually attempting a legitimate review site.  Also, I try to only buy what I like, so most of this stuff is pretty positive unless the title takes a sudden shift in quality.

The Amazing Spider-Man
#669 -
See the cover there?  That's the exclusive variant cover that you can only get at my local comic shop, Flying Colors.  Anyway, I'm enjoying this "Spider-Island" storyline well enough, but I think that Humberto Ramos's art is starting to get a little sloppy.  Maybe two issues a month is too much for him.  They should have split it up a bit.  Also, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to know who this "Queen" is at the end of the story.  Was she in the comics before and I just don't remember?  Maybe I'll try to Google it later.  (Just did.  Okay, I did remember her - barely.)

Batwoman #1 - As much as I liked the art of JH Williams III when he did the character over in Detective Comics, I just couldn't get into the story for some reason.  Now he's co-writing it with W. Haden Blackman, so I thought I'd give it a shot.  The art is gorgeous, as expected.  The story?  Interesting enough for me to at least check out the next issue.  I'm not sure how good of a jumping-on point this is for new readers though.

Daredevil #3 - I didn't like this as much as the previous two issues, but the end wrapped up with some interesting twists, so I'm still sticking around.  I find myself liking all the courtroom drama even more than the superheroics.

Criminal:  The Last of the Innocent #4 - I wasn't sure if I liked the ending to this at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was pretty much perfect.  Pretty dark stuff going on here, and I wonder if there's any way for Ed Brubaker to revisit this character (or at least some of the characters).  I doubt it, but it might be interesting.  A comeuppance is in order.

Fear Itself #6 (of 7) - This is a decent enough of a story, but it seems like it could have just run in The Avengers, as it's not special enough to warrant its own series.  The art by Stuart Immonen is top-notch like always though.

Green Lantern #1 - Forgive me for being blunt, but anybody who was enjoying Green Lantern, and saw the reboot as a "jumping off" point, is an idiot.  This might as well be Green Lantern #67.  Sure, it tries to set things up for new readers, but it's continuing on what was done in the last series.  Plus, the creative team is exactly the same.  Only "jump-off" if you don't like what was going on beforehand.  Otherwise, quitting it over the numbering is stupid.

The New Avengers #16 - Captain America tried to recruit Daredevil to the team when the first New Avengers team started.  DD didn't accept.  However, now he's in, and this was a good way to get him on the team.  I like the character and I like this title, so I'm looking forward to what happens from here.

Batman and Robin #1 - While I still think more could have been done with the Dick Grayson/Damien Wayne dynamic, Peter Tomasi does a really fine job with Bruce Wayne back as Batman in this series.  There's definitely a lot of potential here when it's literally father and son, especially when that son is Damien.  While I liked Tim Drake as Robin, I have to say that it's far more convincing that Damien could kick as much ass as he does, considering that he was raised by Ra's al Ghul's League of Assassins.

Demon Knights #1 - What can I say?  I wanted to give something new a chance with all of these reboots.  I've always found the character of The Demon, Etrigan, to be fascinating, and I'd love it if I could have that Jack Kirby Omnibus featuring the character.  Anyway, I liked this - a bit of medieval sword and sorcery, and I'm interested enough to at least check out the next issue.

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