Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Outside the outside of time and space

If one thing is an established fact, it's the notion that things just don't appear out of nowhere.  Everything needs something to have created it.  After all, you can't have a painting without a painter, and you can't have a pile of dog poop without a dog's butt to create it.  Simple logic, right?

This is why we know that there must be a God.  This universe of ours could not have just come out of nowhere.  Of course, the next question that many (stupid) people ask is:  then who created God?  If there must be a creator, then who created the creator?  Well, I have an answer to that.

Science has discovered that the Big Bang was the beginning not just of space, but also of time.  So, we know from both this and from The Bible that there was an "in the beginning..."  Therefore, God must exist OUTSIDE of space and time in order to have created that which began both space and time.

It just makes sense, right?  But it doesn't answer the question.  What created the creator?  Obviously, if there can be a plane of existence that exists outside of space and time, then there must be a plane of existence that exists outside of that plane of existence?

Impossible, you say?  Here's a bit of logic thrown your way:

If you're in your house, you can step outside it, right?  Well, how can you step outside the outside of your house?  Well, how about leaving the atmosphere of the Earth?  You'd certainly be OUTSIDE the OUTSIDE, wouldn't you?

This is why the creator's creator MUST exist outside the outside of space and time.  And who is that creator?  The Flying Spaghetti Monster.  Ramen.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Outside of space and time, there is no "outside." The concept only makes sense in relation to space and time. Therefore God, if any, needs no creator, because it exists outside of space, time, and creation.

Of course if you are a Mormon, God was once a man on a planet like earth, which had a creator, but after living a perfect Mormon life, this man became a God of his own universe, ours. This theology is actually supported by the bubbling multiverse theory, except that the bubbling multiverse was invented to explain the improbability of life existing in our universe, by positing an infinite number of universes, so that it was highly probable ONE of them would give rise to carbon-based life forms. That doesn't jive with the notion that all these other universes have men living in them who grew up to be gods of other universes, all of which have intelligent life.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

"Therefore God, if any, needs no creator, because it exists outside of space, time, and creation."

But that's awfully convenient, isn't it? It's moving the goal posts. If they can do it, then why can't I?