Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This latest thing that Obama has done

No doubt by now you've heard the latest thing that our so-called Commander In Chief has done.  Does it surprise you that he has done this thing?  It certainly doesn't surprise me.  Real Americans like me have been warning that he would do things like this thing that he has done ever since he ran for office.  Was Jeremiah Ayers not enough of a hint to let you know that he believes these things that are not the things which one should believe?

Of course, all of the liberals are coming out defending him.  Some are saying:  "I'm pretty sure that Bush did this exact same thing, and you didn't seem to have a problem with it."  Others are saying:  "Actually, he didn't do that thing at all.  You shouldn't believe every email forward you read."  Then, the most laughable of all:  "You're not even being specific about what this thing is that he's done!  It sounds like you're judging it to be bad simply based on the fact that Obama did it, whatever that thing actually is.  Are you sure that he even did something?"

Well, what else can you expect from LIBTARDS who, when confronted with facts, must resort to calling people names?  These are the very same people who all make sweeping generalizations about a group of people.  Every single one of them always speaks in absolute statements, and not one of them ever allows for any sort of nuance whatsoever.  Don't get me started on how redundant they are, what with their way of essentially repeating themselves only with changing up the wording a little.

This President is managing to destroy this country.  Yes, that's right.  This country, the greatest one of all time which has seen a Revolution, a Civil War, The Great Depression, two world wars, and the invasion of Grenada is going to be completely annihilated because of this one President and his hatred of America.  That's right.  He hates America.  What proof do you need?  What more do you need than the fact that he did this latest thing that I wrote about at the start of this?

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