Saturday, December 22, 2012

Comics Roundup for 12/19/12

Really good stuff this week, so let's get started:

Captain America #2 - I thought the first issue was enjoyable enough, and this issue is a bit better.  Overall, I really like the concept, and I think that Rick Remender has presented a real challenge to himself by putting Cap in a very un-Cap situation (at least, what we'd come to expect from the last decade or so of Captain America comics) and yet still have it feel like a Cap story.  I also like the flashbacks to Steve's childhood, and I hope that this continues to develop and tie into the main story.

Hawkeye #6 - Damn this title for being so fun.  The last two issues were good, but I really think that even though Matt Fraction is crafting some really fun stories, this title is all about the artwork of David Aja.  You really could just sit and study what the guy is doing without even reading the story and appreciate what's going on.

All New X-Men #4 - Holy crap, but how many issues of this title will come out a month?  Well, I don't care too much either way because it's still a really good read, both art and story wise.  I, and probably many other X-Men fans no doubt, have felt like the team has gone too far away from what the original concept was.  I think by bringing back the original team from the past, this series is addressing that problem.  Besides, it creates some good drama.  I just wonder if that's always going to be the main story of this series, or if this series has a short shelf-life like the first run of Dark Avengers.

Indestructible Hulk #2 - I enjoyed this issue, but it's not blowing me away like I hoped that it would when I heard that Mark Waid would be writing it.  I'll stick around for a few more issues at least.

Thor:  God of Thunder #2 - Another solid installment of this series.  Thor asks Iron Man to warn the Greek Gods about what's going on, and I hope that they play a role in this story.  After all, if something is out there killing gods, it only makes sense to involve them, since they have a fairly prominent role in the Marvel Universe.

Green Lantern #15 - I haven't been getting any of the other Green Lantern books even though this is supposed to be some sort of a crossover.  I don't think that I'm missing all that much though, as this continues from the last issue and stands on its own.  Fun reading, like usual.  I just wonder what this new GL's role will be when Hal Jordan makes his inevitable return.

Wonder Woman #15 - Are those Frost Giants at the end of this?  Are we going to get some Norse mythology mixed up with our Greek mythology in this title?  Shoot...I can almost see a really cool team-up with Thor if they existed in the same universe.  Anyway, more good stuff, and I wonder where Brian Azarello is going with it all now that Orion of the New Gods is in the picture, especially considering that it's not clear how the Fourth World stuff fits in with the New 52.

Avengers #2 - I was sorta expecting to not like this, but I found myself enjoying it.  The story doesn't move too far ahead so much as it expands on everything that happened in the first issue.  Still, I think that I liked this villain better when he was called The High Evolutionary.

Daredevil #21 - While this is certainly true to the character, Mark Waid's run on this title feels different from any other that I've ever read - and that's a good thing.  And the new Spider-Man wants to "crush" Daredevil?  Does that mean it really is Doc Ock, or is that too easy?

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