Monday, January 26, 2015

Gary Fouse continues to not understand climate change

I've written about Gary Fouse a couple of times now. The short version? He's a "conservative" blogger who doesn't believe in global warming/climate change. The reason why basically boils down to the fact that he doesn't like Al Gore. Since I accept climate change, I must love Al Gore, because the two ideas are inseparable, just like GMOs and Monsanto. (And if you believe the second statement, I would suggest that you need to read up on GMOs a little bit more.)

Pretty much every year, he waits for some kind of cold weather event, and he posts about it to further his point that Al Gore is dumb and that climate change isn't real. It's been pointed out to him again and Again and OH MY GOD AGAIN that nobody has ever said that we would no longer see cold weather - especially in WINTER. In fact, what has been predicted is more extreme weather.

But he will never learn, because Al Gore is bad; therefore, it's cold, and global warming is bogus. Here's his latest little bit of genius.

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