Monday, September 29, 2008

Proposition 8

I've been sitting here in front of the computer for about a half hour now, trying to think of something to write about. I currently have a few ideas buzzing in my head - I could continue to speculate on what they should do for the next Batman movie, I could write about the dangers of pet anthropomorphication, I also have been contemplating on a series of entries about what's so great about comic books. Oh, and there's also some thoughts about my fear that Sarah Palin might actually be as dumb as we all fear.

For some reason, none of those are really moving me. I've got gay marriage on my mind again. Why? Well, you know, now that it's legal in California, I'm looking to end my marriage with my wife so I can marry a dude. That's what it's all about, right?

Nah, it's not that. In fact, I was hesitant to write about it at all, as I've devoted a few blog entries to it already, and I don't want to just repeat myself. In fact, the joke that I wrote up above is basically a variation on one that I've already done dozens of times.

What got me thinking about this issue is that I heard the first ad (I was in the other room from the television) urging voters to vote yes on Proposition 8 - the proposition that would amend the state constitution to outlaw gay marriage. In all honesty, it made my stomach turn and left me with a rather morose feeling that dragged on for the rest of the day.

I was going to post a couple of video clips on this blog so I could compare and contrast the rhetoric of the anti-gay marriage crowd with the pro-gay marriage crowd. The problem was, when I watched some of the anti-gay videos, I just started to feel depressed. I'm so sick of these people and their specious arguments. Stop talking about "protecting" marriage. Stop talking about "values." Shoot, one video I saw showed Newt Gingrich comparing the "Yes on 8" cause to the cause of the American Revolutionaries. I had to stop, as I feared that such a concentrated dose of hatred and stupidity would melt my brain if I continued to watch it. Good thing he didn't say "judicial tyranny" 'cause that makes me want to vomit fire.

The thing is, I'm really starting to hate these people. I honestly don't think that hate is a useful emotion, and I realize that it does more harm to me than it does to them, but I can't help but feel this way. This whole thing is so colossaly unfair. It's not just unfair, but the arguments of those who are against same-sex marriage are so completely illogical. The combination of ignorance, hatred and irrationality is too much for me. Basically, I need to stop thinking about it, as I tend to dwell on things that depress me - and these people depress me.

The only glimmering light in all of this is that the polls show that Californians aren't likely to vote for Proposition 8. Times have changed in the decade since they voted to abolish gay marriage. Also, a lot of people might not be for it, but they're also not for amending the constitution either. Hopefully that'll be the thing that saves the day.

Oh, and Californians - No on 8, please. My slogan? "Don't be a total fucking douchebag - vote no on 8."


Chino Blanco said...

Friggin' hilarious post, dude.

Wish we had more Christians like you running around.

I'm just dropping by to let you know I've linked to this post from my blog.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

I'm not a Christian, but thanks anyway! (Or perhaps you meant that you wish that more Christians thought like I do or something like that.)

Chino Blanco said...

D'oh, somedays I don't read too good.

I've corrected my post accordingly, thanks.

Reuven said...

I’m a CHRISTIAN and I’m voting NO on 8.


Because it seems that all the funding has come from false Christian groups like ROMAN CATHOLICS and “MORMONS” both of whom are idolaters (worshiping Men, Mary, beads, little statues of saints, etc).

IDOLATRY is a worse sin. Voting yes on 8 supports idolatry.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Ummm...okay. Whatever works for you!