Sunday, December 7, 2008

War on Christmas!

Just when you thought that the war was over...

In my local paper's letters to the editor section a few days ago, some letter writer felt compelled to write about how she (I think it was a she) was going to be sure to say "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays."  It then proceeded to go on about blah blah blah etcetera etcetera.

Seriously?  Are we really doing this again?  Do Christians really feel like they're being oppressed in this country even though I can't walk down my street without seeing at least three manger scenes?  (No, I have no problem with them.  Honestly, I kinda like them so long as they're simple and not too ostentatious.)  Is Christianity really so under attack despite the fact that I can't buy a box of Corn Flakes without hearing songs about how Da Jeebus is my savior?  If secularists are truly oppressing Christians, then they're doing a shit job of it, I'll tell ya.

The thing is, am I crazy or have people ALWAYS said "Happy Holidays"?  Wasn't that originally short for "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year"?  Is this really new?  Are people so easily brainwashed by the likes of Bill O'Reilly that their memories alter as to believe that this is some sort of recent conspiracy?

And are retail locations really the right place for a sense of Christian spirituality?  Do you feel the love of Zombie Jesus better when the teenager at Best Buy wishes you a Merry Christmas after you've bought your DVD of Hancock?  Call me crazy, but I would think that faith is a more inwardly felt sort of a thing.  Sure, it can be shared with fellow believers - but do you gotta wear it on your sleeve everywhere you go?  Don't get me wrong - I don't care if you do; just don't get pissed off when others don't.

The thing is, I have a friend who's a Christian and we talked about this.  I said that I often wish people a Merry Christmas, and I take no offense in somebody wishing me one.  I also wouldn't take offense if somebody wished me a Happy Hannukah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa or Festivus.  Even if I don't believe in those things, I appreciate that somebody wants me to have a happy day.  My Christian friend felt the same way.  Our ultimate conclusion was that no matter who you are, if somebody wishes you a happy anything, and your reaction is to get upset, you are an asshole.


Matthew said...

I agree. It's absurd. I think a bigger problem exists in the corporate/professional environment. Some people do get all pissy at the mention of christmas in a work environment. I think because it comes across as preachy. Like, "Merry Christmas, yes I said Christmas as in 'Merry CHRIST-the-god-and-savior-of-the-world-and-your-sins-if-you-would-only-accept-him-as-your-personal-messiah-mas' and not Holiday or Hanikawateva or kwanza or any other made up holiday."

But personally, I think the only reason folks get upset about Christmas is because christians are often a little pushy about it. Still, I agree with you anyone who gets offended about Christmas or any other religious holiday is just an asshole.

PepperJack said...

I think my mom took my stony silence last winter as a sign not to beat the "happy holidays" drum again this year. It's like you say, are you really going to get mad because somebody wished you the wrong type of happy day?! Is my mom's crusade against "happy holidays" really in the true spirit of Christmas, by even the most conservative definition? My family has a fucked-up holiday perspective. My uncle (my mom's brother) who lives in Arizona made a point of working on MLK Day, when they finally got it. I wonder what he'll do on Inauguration Day...