Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to respond?

I was asked recently how I would respond to an obnoxious person at a party who would get right in my face and ask me, "How is your relationship with Jesus Christ?" (My wife asked me, as apparently it happened to a friend of ours just recently, and he was curious as to how I would respond.)

While I'm never as witty on the spot as I am when I have time to think about it, I suppose that here are some possibilities:
  • About as good as my relationship with Quetzalcoatl (or insert a god of your choice - just not Heimdall, please).
  • How is your relationship with Quetzalcoatl? (Yeah, I know, just a slight variation from the previous one.)
  • We're just friends.
  • He made sweet love to me last night.
  • Who?
  • I haven't spoken to him since he killed my dog.
  • That zombie carpenter guy? You mean him?
  • Wait...did you say Jesus or Jeebus?

That's all I've got so far. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments.

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