Sunday, May 31, 2009

The horrific reality

A friend of mine recently sent out a link to a news article where a local school district has decided to include lessons about different types of families with the elementary school kids. Of course, by "different types", we're not talking about Wookies or Vulcans - we're talking ones where there's a dad and another dad, and I'm not talking about the super-hilarious sitcom My Two Dads. I'm talking about families where they might be two moms. No, not Kate and Allie! Dammit! I'm talkin' gay people, not TV shows!

I can imagine that there are some people who are going to get really upset about this. After all, half the hoopla for the pro-8 crowd was that schools were going to teach gay marriage TO THE CHILDREN!!!! Let's take a look at this though. Where is all of this tolerance of homosexuality going to lead this country? Just imagine a world with the following scenarios:

  • A child goes to school and finds out that his best friend has two fathers. His initial reaction is not to ridicule and ostracize his friend. Instead, he simply thinks that it's "normal".
  • A child suspects that he might be gay. Instead of being afraid to tell his parents, he lets Mom and Dad know how he's feeling right away. His parents don't shun him; they don't yell at him. They don't even threaten to kick him out of the house. Instead, they tell him that they'll love him no matter what, and whether he brings a boyfriend or a girlfriend over to the house, the expectation of him being with somebody who cares for and respects him will remain unchanged.
  • People get so used to seeing gay couples that they don't freak out and/or express disgust if they happen to see two men or two women kissing one another.
  • People use reason and logic to determine a value system rather than a literal interpetation of a collection of ancient writings.
  • You get invited to a wedding of a gay couple. It doesn't even cross your mind that there's something different about this wedding than any other wedding. All you feel is happiness for your friends.
Pretty horrifying, isn't it? Is this the kind of world in which you want to live?

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Alice is not my Name said...

Yes please.
Where is this horrifying reality and how do I get there?