Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sean Hannity confirms that he's a joke

Special thanks to Scott C. Harris for pointing this one out to me. Apparently, Sean Hannity has gone after President Obama for requesting dijon mustard to be on his burger. Seriously?

Now, I know what conservatives will say, "C'mon, Lance! Lighten up! It's a joke!"

Yes, it is a joke, and the name of the joke is Sean Hannity. See, the thing is about jokes is that they need to be funny. There's absolutely nothing funny about it. Now, if Obama had asked for chutney or something, then you'd have something. But dijon mustard? Seriously? Frikken' Subway has spicy dijon mustard as a condiment option. I wasn't aware that dijon mustard was still considered elitist.

Okay, so it was Hannity's rather lame attempt at humor, perhaps I should just leave it alone. But no, I won't. Why not? Because this illustrates just what kind of guy Hannity is. He's the same guy who got called out by Bernie Goldwater, of all flippin' people, for being so blindly and pointlessly partisan. (Goldberg pointed it out when Hannity found a reason to criticize Obama over the whole pirate thing.) It's my sincere belief that Obama could parachute into Pakistan tomorrow and single-handidly bring in Osama bin Laden, and Hannity will find something to criticize.

The thing is, it's not even that guys like Hannity are conservatives. It's that they're clowns and yellow journalists. He'll stir up his hornet's nest as much as he can in order to get ratings. Shoot, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that he voted for Obama, as you no doubt know that he must be loving this.

And yeah, I know about Keith Olbermann. I don't watch his show because even though I probably agree with him quite often on political matters, he tends to nitpick things as well. Sure, half the time he goes after guys like O'Reilly, they have it coming, but oftentimes he just grasps at straws. Still, I don't think that anybody ever got "Worst person in the world" over their choice of condiments.

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