Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Comics Roundup for 12/30/09

I haven't been back for very long after having gone to the comic book store. Still, I'm ready to write this week's roundup because there wasn't a whole lot on the shelf. I knew that when I left, but I still made the trip as I wanted to get my hands on...

Blackest Night #6 (of 8) - Finally we get to see something happen that was only given as a tease, as a "wouldn't it be cool if this happened?" sort of a thing. We get to see The Scarecrow become part of the Sinestro Corps. Not only that, but the ranks of all the various corps expand to include some pretty cool choices like Barry Allen as a Blue Lantern and Wonder Woman as a Star Sapphire. I realize that some fanboys will probably groan at this idea, but it just makes sense. Sure, it would be lame if just anybody could become a Green Lantern, but if the emotional spectrum is as divided up as it has become, then why shouldn't there be other characters in the DC Universe getting power rings? And considering that something like the Blackest Night is a bit bigger than just the Green Lantern corner of the universe, it only makes sense to see the ranks of the various corps swell. (I realize that if you don't read comics, this probably doesn't make a lick of sense. Trust me, this is a fun read, and if you got into it from the beginning, it's probably one of the most accessible major crossover stories in a long time.)

Origins of Siege - This was a freebie, so how could I pass it up? There isn't really a whole lot of new content. Sure, there are some freshly done origin pages for the various Marvel heroes. (Did you know that Spider-Man was bitten by a radioactive spider?) Also, there's a short intro to the upcoming Siege storyline, where the Marvel heroes are finally going to get back together again to take care of Norman Osborn. Aside from that, there's the same preview for the upcoming miniseries that's been running in several books. Still, it was free. I'd feel ripped off if I paid money for it, but it was worth the effort to bend down and grab it from the bottom shelf - especially in a week with such slim pickings.

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Philly said...

Blackest Night was literally the only new book. And it leaked!