Saturday, February 27, 2010

Comics Roundup for 2/24/10

I read through my entire stack as of Wednesday night, but with this whole thing going on with Argos, I haven't had time to write until now.

Blackest Night
#7 (of 8) -
I think that Ivan Reis might be trying to beat George Perez's record for the sheer number of characters one can squeeze into a double-page spread. I don't know if he's succeeded, but he sure is good at getting lots of multi-colored Lanterns on a page. This was another solid installment in a storyline that's been building for a few years now. Hopefully they can wrap it all up in a satisfactory manner, as I certainly like some of the big revelations that came along with this issue.

New Avengers #62 - Steve Rogers gets to tell the Avengers to assemble once again, and that was cool to see. Other than that, not too much happened, as the main event is in Siege. Still, this was a fun issue with more Spider-Man/Spider-Woman team-up action, and the art was really nicely divided between Stuart Immonen and Daniel Acuna.

Batman and Robin #9 - This was a decent issue, and it finally answers the question regarding the corpse of Bruce Wayne at the end of Final Crisis. In short - that wasn't Bruce Wayne; it was a clone of some sort. I wonder how things are going to change once Bruce gets back to the right time period?

Thor #607 - What could this issue possibly cover in between the kicks and punches that Thor is getting over in Siege? Not too much, but we do get to see Volstagg try and restore his good name by going on Youtube, and some of the unresolved issues from Straczynski's run on the series get addressed. Overall, a pretty good read, but it wasn't quite as good as the last issue.

Spider-Man: Clone Saga - This definitely has a better ending than the original series did. Basically, you don't know whether Peter or Ben is the real one, and Ben goes off into the sunset. That would have been better, because fans of either one could simply tell themselves that their guy was the real deal. Not only that, but future writers could go ahead and either completely ignore Ben or bring him back without having to do the really lame resurrection story that is bound to come up sooner or later.

The Amazing Spider-Man #622 - The main story with Spidey battling Morbius was decent, but the backup that focused on Flash Thompson was a bit more gripping. This series has been a little hit or miss lately; here's hoping we can get some better issues like the last one.

The Flash: Rebirth #6 (of 6) - It's official. I'm not anywhere near as stoked for the new Flash series as I was for the new Green Lantern after Green Lantern: Rebirth reached its conclusion. I might still pick up the first few issues, as I do see a lot of potential with the character. Maybe I'll be nicely surprised.

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