Saturday, March 13, 2010

Comics Roundup for 3/10/10

I'm starting to notice that the bulk of the comics I buy come out at the end of the month. I went two weeks, and I only walked away with five books on my last visit. What did I get?

Criminal: The Sinners #5 (of 5) - This was a satisfying conclusion to a pretty good story. It's probably my third-favorite storyline from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' crime/noir comic series. There were quite a few subplots being juggled around, and they all got resolved rather well. Even better, there's enough stuff still dangling that could be followed-up on for future stories.

The Amazing Spider-Man #623 & 624 - Paul Azaceta might be a pretty good artist for certain comics out there, but he's definitely not a good match for Spider-Man. The storyline involving yet another new Vulture was pretty good, but Azaceta's Spidey often looks like he's suffering from a debilitating hernia while swinging through the streets of New York. Now, this isn't as bad as whoever the heck drew that crossover with Deadpool issue, where I had a hard time following what was going on. Azaceta's storytelling skills are pretty good. Like I said though, his style just doesn't work for this book. Anyway, this storyline gave ol' Peter Parker even more troubles, and what's better than an angst-filled Peter Parker? (The good news is that I've read that Michael Lark is going to be drawing some more issues. Huzzah!)

Astro City: The Dark Age- Book Four #2 (of 4) - As I've stated before, I'm waiting until this whole thing concludes to read the entire "Dark Age" storyline.

Batman and Robin #10 - This was a surprisingly linear story for Grant Morrison, and it's starting to set up for the return of Bruce Wayne. I was telling myself that I was going to wait for the trade paperback in order to pick up the Return of Bruce Wayne limited series, but I'm a bit too intrigued with the idea of Batman traveling through the centuries in order to finally get back to the proper time period, so I'll probably get the first issue when it comes out. Anyway, this issue really has me wondering how they'll handle the new status quo. I'm starting to really like Damien Wayne as Robin - maybe he'll stick around as Bruce's partner.

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