Friday, March 26, 2010

Comics Roundup for 3/24/10

I love comics. What did I get this week? Here goes...

Green Lantern #52 - This one fills in the space between the last issue of Blackest Night and the one that's coming out next week. It doesn't do much as far as the story is concerned, but it does elaborate on the ever-growing mythology of the emotional spectrum. I hope that Doug Mahnke sticks around for when this whole storyline wraps up, as his art is really great, especially with Christian Alamy's inks.

New Avengers #63 - Just like Dark Avengers, this fills in on the whole Siege storyline by giving us some flashbacks. Good thing, too, because there were some unresolved issues regarding Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Supposedly this series is going to reboot when Siege is over. I'm not sure that I completely understand the point, but since Bendis is going to write that one along with the main Avengers title, I'll probably pick it up.

Batman: Streets of Gotham - Paul Dini's back! Good thing, too, as it finally gets back to the storyline that I was itchin' to see continue. I also am finding myself liking Dustin Nguyen's artwork more and more all the time. I remember not really digging his style at first when he started drawing Detective Comics, but I quickly got used to it. By this point, I'm a genuine fan of his stuff. The characters have a lot of movement to them, and they don't look like they're posing for pictures.

Nemesis - I thoroughly enjoyed Kick Ass (here's hoping that the movie will be good!) so I wanted to pick up Mark Millar's latest offering from Icon. The fact that Steve McNiven was drawing it didn't hurt either. Pretty good stuff so far, I have to say. The basic concept is that you've got this supervillain who travels from town to town in order to create chaos and ultimately destroy a famous police chief. Now he has his sights on the chief of Washington, D.C. Nemesis has already crashed Air Force One and taken the President hostage. How the heck is Blake Morrow going to take this guy on? I'll be there for the next issue.

Captain America #604 - Marvel's Editor-in-Chief, Joe Quesada, while addressing the criticisms from the Tea Party types over this current storyline, commented that the story hadn't completely played itself out, and those people should withhold judgment until it does. With this issue, we get a guy who's a Tea Party type act as one of the good guys. He even helps The Falcon out, and he denounces the fanatics/terrorists. Other than that, this was another solid issue. I find myself really digging The Falcon, and under Ed Brubaker, he's becoming one of my favorite characters. What's up with the crappy covers though? And what's up with the lame "Nomad" backup?

The Amazing Spider-Man #626 - Yet again, we have another artist whose style would be just fine for some other book, but it just doesn't work for Spider-Man. It's not quite as bad as the Electro/New Vulture issues, as at least it doesn't look like Spidey has a hernia while swinging through the city. The story was pretty good, and Parker's definitely having quite the pattern of bad luck. Next issue Lee Weeks will be drawing, so I'm excited about that.

Thor #608 - Considering how little we're seeing of the title character in this series, it's amazing how good it still is. Poor Volstagg is taking a pounding like never before. Also, it's good to see Kieron Gillen following up on issues from the last writer. I wonder about the new direction that the series will take under Matt Fraction. I'll be sure to check it out.

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