Saturday, July 3, 2010

Comics Roundup for 6/30/10

Secret Avengers #2 - While I probably didn't like this as much as the first issue, I still really dug it. I guess my biggest complaint is that Moon Knight looks kind of lame without his cloak. With that said, it's cool to see Ed Brubaker doing a team book, and for as odd of a collection of heroes that comprise this team, it still feels like an Avengers book. (I'm not so sure about New Avengers though. That feels like something else, which is not a comment on its quality.)

Captain America #607 - I really liked the last issue, and this one was really great as well. That's really saying something considering that guest artist Mitch Breitweiser isn't quite in the same league as the artists who usually pencil this book. I'm probably repeating myself from previous issues, but James "Bucky" Barnes continues to be one of my favorite characters in the Marvel universe, and I'm not eager to see him put down the Captain America shield anytime soon. I also love what Baron Zemo is doing to him, proving that Zemo is one of the best villains around.

Green Lantern #55 - The best part of this issue? Hal Jordan commandeering Lobo's motorcycle. There's a reason why this character has become so popular since the Rebirth story, and it's the moments like these. It's also good to see that all of the various lanterns haven't become an afterthought since the conclusion of Blackest Night.

Thor #611 - This issue was decent, but I think that I'm going to have to drop this series since I'll need to cut some expenses with the baby on the way. I suppose if I have the money and desire later, I can always pick up the trade. Basically, it involves an invasion of Valhalla and manipulations on the part of Mephisto. (Who else is going to do it now that Loki is gone?)

The Flash #3 - This issue was a little hard to follow, but considering that the last issue was one of my favorite single issues in some time, I'll still get the next issue. I think that I might not have been in the right mood to read it, and it involves time travel and all sorts of complex story twists.

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