Saturday, May 21, 2011

Comics Roundup for 5/18/11

Not much this week. But how did I manage to spend so much money then? Maybe because two of them are compilations. I haven't read those yet, as I have a bunch of stuff to read first. Here's the regular stuff though:

Avengers #12 - This Fear Itself crossover didn't do a whole lot to add to the overall narrative of the crossover. Basically we got a lot of talking followed by the revelation that Hawkeye wants to make some whoopee with Spider-Woman. That should be interesting, but I'm still unclear on when and how he broke up with Mockingbird.

The Amazing Spider-Man #661 - This was a fill-in issue by Christos Gage, but it was a good read and fit in nicely with what's been going on in the series lately. We get to see Spidey try to educate the young heroes of The Avengers Academy. There's some generation gap issues going on, and Gage plays it to good effect.

Batman and Robin #23 - The Red Hood/Jason Todd is back by the man who brought him back in the first place, Judd Winick. This feels so straightforward after his last appearance by Grant Morrison, but Winick is picking up the reigns nicely while still maintaining his more clear storytelling style.

The Rocketeer Adventures #1 - This anthology/tribute features stories from a variety of artists. The best one of this issue? The lead-in by John Cassaday. I have all the original Dave Stevens stuff (well, reprints, that is) and it's sad that such a talented artist was taken while still in his prime. I would have liked to see more Rocketeer, or at the very least some more comics by Stevens. This series is a pretty nice tribute though.

Ultimate Spider-Man: Volume 2 - I really liked the first volume of this "new" series, so I anticipate that I'll like this as well.

Walt Disney Treasury: Donald Duck Volume 1 - This reprints the works of Don Rosa. I got it because I enjoyed his The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck so much. Am I the only one wondering why Marvel isn't doing all these Disney reprints? Maybe the contracts for all this stuff was signed before Disney bought Marvel.

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