Saturday, May 28, 2011

Comics Roundup for 5/25/11

Last week of the month is a busy one, as usual. I'll try to keep these short.

The Mighty Thor #2 - As much as I like Olivier Copiel's artwork, and as much as I like Norse Mythology, I just can't get into this series. It's strange, because I like the Norse stuff that Matt Fraction is doing in Fear Itself, but I just can't seem to get into this. The Silver Surfer comes down and says that Galactus has his eyes on Asgard. I would think that would be exciting, but I'm kind of yawning my way through this. I can't think of anything objectively bad about it; it's just that it's not doing anything for me.

Kirby Genesis #0 - This was recommended to me, and it was only a dollar. It's pretty interesting, as you have Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross using up a lot of Jack Kirby's ideas that he didn't get around to developing into full comic book stories. It also plays upon a piece of artwork that Jack Kirby drew that was actually launched into space on a satellite. It's hard to assess exactly what's going on here, but I'm curious enough with this to at least check out the first issue.

Wolverine #9 - Jason Aaron is doing a nice job of continuously upping the stakes on this series. So, Wolverine finally battles his way out of hell and regains control over his own mind and body. Now he's going after the one he believes is responsible - but it turns out that there are some nasty bad guys behind the scenes, and he's just playing right into their hands.

FF #4 - I don't know if I'm going to stick with this one too much longer either. Adding Spider-Man to the team really doesn't do much, especially since the team has the kids of Reed and Sue and a bunch of other kids from some previous storyline that I don't know much about. It's getting too far away from what the FF is all about as far as I'm concerned.

Secret Avengers $13 - This felt like a fill-in issue, probably because that's what it is. Still, it was a pretty compelling read. I especially like the Lincoln Memorial smashing a Nazi robot. It was also nice to see one of the other Avengers, namely The Beast, taking center stage.

Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #6 (of 6) - Usually when you get these limited series, they start off strong and end a little bit weak. That's what I was worried about with last issue, but I have to say that this one ended really well. These two characters have been building a friendship for some time now, and it's nice to see this series finally address it. It will definitely be worth it to sit down and re-read this entire series.

The Amazing Spider-Man #662 - Speaking of fill-ins, this wasn't as strong of an entry as the last issue, but it was a good read despite the corny ending. It looks like there's a pretty big storyline coming up next issue - here's hoping it's good.

Detective Comics #877 - This continues to be a solid read, and it continues to prove that Dick Grayson is a perfectly viable Batman.

Captain America #618 - Nothing too special happened here, but it continues along with a story that's compelling enough to keep me reading.

Green Lantern #66, Green Lantern Corps #60, and Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #10 - The War of the Green Lanterns story marches along. It's not as engaging as Blackest Night was, but I don't mind reading some extra comics to see what's going on. It looks like it's all going to wrap up in the next issue of the main book, and I'm curious to see what the new status quo is.


Devin Kates said...

I'm going for the Secret Avengers one because I so want to see the Lincoln/Nazi robot battle. Epic!Your blog is entertaining, and informative about the latest comics. Thanks!

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Cool. It's a pretty fun issue.