Saturday, October 8, 2011

Comics Roundup for 10/5/11

Action Comics #2 - Back when DC did the Superman:  Secret Origin miniseries, my main complaint was that it really didn't feel all that new as it attempted to retell the origin story of Superman.  With this relaunch though, we're definitely getting a Superman that we haven't seen since the character was first created in the late 1930s - albeit with a more modern sensibility, of course.  I like it that they've de-powered him, as it makes his physical feats seem much more impressive - more Herculean even.  I also like that he's such a representative of the establishment like how Frank Miller portrayed him in The Dark Knight Returns.  This Superman is a rebel, and he'll kick your ass for all the right reasons.  Anyway, this was a fun issue, but I was surprised that we already have a fill-in artist for half the issue.  Brent Anderson is a decent artist, but I'm really digging what Rags Morales is doing even more.

Detective Comics #1 & #2 - Since this was such a slow week, I decided to give Tony Daniel's take on Batman a try.  It's pretty good for the most part - and it's rather dark stuff as well (just as Scott Snyder's Batman is).  Daniel has quite the inconsistent art style though.  Maybe I need to take note of the inker, as it doesn't look as good here as it did when he was writing and drawing his first arc back when he was doing Batman.  Anyway, I'll stick with this series for a few more issues at least.

Justice League International #2 - While not nearly as much fun as the first issue, this was another solid installment of a team book that definitely has its own feel to it.  One thing's for sure, Booster Gold is definitely the star of this series, and that's okay with me as he's proving to be a pretty interesting character.

Superior #5 - I wind up saying pretty much the same thing about everything Mark Millar writes - it's entertaining and you always feel like there's enough plot development in each issue to justify the purchase.  This issue was no different, and while I thought that this series didn't feel original enough at first, it definitely has its own bag of tricks to it now that a Faustian bargain has been added in to the mix.

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