Sunday, March 25, 2012

Comics Roundup for 3/21/12

Gettin' tired - gotta make these quick:

Batman #7 - The plot thickens in the story of the Court of Owls.  This book is doing well, and it deserves to do so.  It's nice to see what Greg Capullo can do when he's teamed with a good writer.

Justice League #7 - This was a decent issue.  I don't think that Gene Ha is a good choice for this title though, even though I've really liked him on other things.

Wolverine #303 - A good issue, but it would have been nice to have one art team on the whole story.

Wonder Woman #7 - After being a bit disappointed with the last two issues, this has once again risen to one of my favorite titles.  Can it be that the artist, Cliff Chiang makes that big of a difference?  I don't know, but it sure doesn't hurt to have him back after a couple of fill-ins.

Kick Ass 2 #7 - It was pretty tough to have a satisfying end to this series, but Mark Millar did a pretty good job of it, and he's definitely setting things up for more.  I will say yet again that I don't know if I'd want to see this made into a movie, as much as I've enjoyed the comic.

The Amazing Spider-Man #682 - Yet another solid installment, and the start of something big.  I'm glad that Dan Slott is doing regular "big" stories for Spidey.  That sort of a thing is normally reserved for team books - but why not Spider-Man?

Super Crooks #1 - Another Mark Millar book.  I've liked the rest, and this one is pretty good so far as well.  Basically you have a bunch of crooks who head out of the country, since the U.S. has too many damned superheroes who always thwart them.  I expect some twists and turns in coming installments, as that concept can only be enough to get the ball rolling.

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