Saturday, April 28, 2012

Comics Roundup for 4/25/12

The Secret Service #1 - This is the first issue of the new Mark Millar "Millarworld" series, with Dave Gibbons handling art.  Gotta say that I dug this one just as much as the other series that Mr. Millar has done.  This has easily been one of the most intriguing opening sequences for a comic that I've seen in a long time.  Did they need to get Mark Hamill's permission?

Super Crooks #2 - My only complain about Mark Millar's books?  I pretty much wind up saying the same thing about every issue that comes out.  Once again, we've got some interesting characters and an issue that adds enough story/raises the stakes so you want to come back for another.  I really feel like I can't go wrong with his stuff.

Star Wars:  Crimson Empire III #6 (of 6) - This was pretty good, but I wish that I had read the entire series in one sitting, as I kinda forgot who some of the characters were.  Anyway, since I recently re-read the first two miniseries leading up to this one, and found myself really enjoying them, I have no doubt that the same will eventually happen for this one.

Aquaman #8 - Another good issue, and not much to say other than that I like how Geoff Johns is weaving a complex mythology around the character that doesn't feel like he's just re-doing what he did for Green Lantern.

Wolverine #305 - This issue was entertaining enough, but I didn't like it enough to keep getting the series now that it has a new writer.  I think this last run of the title is the longest time in which I've ever gotten it.  Even though I really like the character, I just don't find myself buying his comic all that often - perhaps he just works better when he plays off of other characters.

Winter Soldier #4 - Somehow I missed this one when it first hit the stands.  I recently re-read the first three issues, and I was excited to get this one.  This is fun stuff, and a must-read for anybody who was on board for Brubaker's Winter Soldier stories over in Captain America.

The New Avengers #25 - We don't get a whole lot of the New Avengers in this issue, but we do get an expansion of the whole Iron Fist universe as it ties into the whole AvX thing that's going on.  Hopefully it will have a major impact on the main story over in Avengers Versus X-Men.

Batman:  The Dark Knight #8 - We have a new writer, and while this was okay, I think that I'll be dropping this one.  I'm sure that between Batman, Batman and Robin and the upcoming Batman:  Incorporated, I should be getting enough of a bat-fix to get me by.

Daredevil #11 - A satisfying conclusion to a pretty good crossover story.  Everybody loves this book - what else can I add to that?

The Twelve #12 - Oooh boy, now I gotta sit down and read this series!  Looking forward to it.

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