Thursday, July 19, 2012

Comics Roundup for 7/18/12

Avengers Versus X-Men #8 (of 12) - This was a decent installment, but this series just doesn't have the momentum that I would have liked to see.  Now that I see some of Marvel's plans for what's going on after the end of this series, I think I know what the ultimate motivation behind this series might have been.  Basically, there have been all kinds of Marvel events over the years, but the X-Men always seem to inhabit their own little corner of the Marvel Universe.  This is bringing it all together, creating a more unified world of interrelated characters.

Wonder Woman #11 - Had a nice talk with the young lady who works at my local comic book store about this series.  We both think the same thing - with the exception of a two-issue hiccup, this is a great series.  I realized that I mentioned momentum up above, but this is exactly what this series gets right.  Every issue something significant happens, and you'd really miss something if you missed an issue.

Justice League #11 - While the overall plot isn't moving me all that much, I liked seeing the heroes interact and bicker with each other, even though that's a little more Avengers than Justice League.  I'd like to see Geoff Johns create something as ambitious with this series as he's doing with Aquaman and did with Green Lantern.

The Secret Service #3 - As always, I'm bored with writing about Mark Millar's books - not because I dislike it but because I pretty much say the same thing over and over again:  great pacing and an upping of the stakes in every issue.  The only thing that I can add is that Millar has created a pretty original protagonist - somebody who is believably both capable and clueless at the same time.

Daredevil #15 - Speaking of characters becoming part of the larger Marvel Universe, this is exactly what you get with this issue.  Nice seeing that DD's membership in the Avengers is relevant to his ongoing series.

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