Sunday, July 29, 2012

Comics Roundup for 7/25/12

I was out of town last week, but I managed to get to a comic book store in Alexandria, Virginia.  Here's what I got and what I thought:

Winter Soldier #8 - Another solid installment in an entertaining series.  Nice to see that the Black Widow isn't just window dressing in this series, and Brubaker is doing something significant with her.

Captain America #15 - I hope that Ed Brubaker resolves this business with Baron Zemo before he leaves the title.  I'm not sure if this is his last storyline or if there's one more after it.  Anyway, a good issue with a topical plot.

Green Lantern #11 - Something big is brewing in this title once again, as the Guardians of the Universe are seeking to replace the Green Lantern Corps.  Also, Black Hand is back, and he's one seriously creepy villain.

Batman, Incorporated #3 - Hard to top last issue, but this one was still pretty good.  Damien Wayne, while being handled quite well by Peter Tomasi in Batman and Robin, continues to be interesting under his creator, Grant Morrison.

The Avengers #28 - I'm not a fan of the Red Hulk, but I really dug this issue as he decides to go rogue and take down Cyclops on his own.

The Amazing Spider-Man #690 - Okay, I really liked the last issue.  Curt Connors managed to turn back to human, but he still had the personality of The Lizard.  Well, a mammal and a reptile have a very different physiology from one another, so now he's still The Lizard inside, but he's dealing with all kinds of human traits like laughter and bonding with others.  I like how Dan Slott takes an interesting idea but keeps running with it in unexpected, but completely logical, ways.

Aquaman #11 - I'm not sure that I had expected this series to be like what it is when I first planned on buying it.  That said, I like what's going on, as Aquaman has a supporting cast that seems to have some potential so far.

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