Sunday, October 28, 2012

Comics Roundup for 10/24/12

Captain America #19 - Ed Brubaker goes out on a high note, and it's good to see that Marvel hooked him up with Steve Epting for his final issue, considering that was the artist when he started his rather lengthy run with the character.  It's too bad to see Brubaker go, but it's time.  While the series certainly wasn't bad, it wasn't quite as much of a "must read" as it was for the first several years.  It's time for a change of direction, and so far I'm interested in what incoming writer Rick Remender has planned for Cap.

Basically, this issue gets to the heart of everything that makes the character special, and it touches on some unfinished business as we revisit the Captain America of the 1950s.  You know, the one who goes nuts.  Basically by the end, Steve Rogers comes to grips with the fact that Captain America will outlive him, but it's up to him to remain that symbol for as long as he can.  I have a hard time seeing anybody else doing the well-worn "somebody else is Cap" storyline after this.

Batman, Incorporated #4 - More Grant Morrison nuttiness, and it seems like Jason Todd is up for redemption in this series.

A vs. X:  Consequences #3 - Another good issue that sets up some pretty interesting ideas for the future.  The only thing that bugs me is Iron Man's issue with "faith".  He wants to understand The Phoenix from a scientific standpoint, but he's being told that it's not science.  The thing is, skepticism and science don't really make sense in a fictional world where magic exists.  It's not like the real world, because things that are magical actually have verifiable, empirical results in the world of comics.  If the Phoenix really existed and did what it did, then it could be studied through science.

The Avengers #32 - So they get Steve Epting to see Ed Brubaker off, but they get some absolute crap artist for Brian Michael Bendis's final arc on The Avengers?  Anyway, I like the story, and I like the way they're bringing the Wasp back.  Plus, I should mention that one of the two artists on the book is doing a decent job, but this seems like a pretty lame way to send off the man who's basically been driving Marvel's flagship book for so long now.

The Amazing Spider-Man #696 - The Hobgoblins face off and I'm happy.  Too bad the art, while certainly not awful, wasn't better.

Punisher War Zone #1 (of 5) - Haven't read a Punisher book in some time, but it's interesting to see the Avengers finally take an interest in taking down Frank Castle.  The character always works best when it's understood that he most absolutely is not a good guy.

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