Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Everybody who reads my blog, or knows me in person, knows that I never miss an episode of The View. Ummm...actually, no, scratch that. All I've ever seen of the show are some YouTube clips, mostly of Sherri Shepherd saying stupid things like how there were Christians before there were Romans and how she wasn't sure that the world was round. Recently though, my wife was watching a clip where Ann Coulter was on the show. I couldn't bear to sit through the whole thing, but I saw enough to feel the need to write about it.

Dear Odin, but what a horrible person this woman is. What was she there to talk about? Single mothers and how awful they are. She went on to cite all kinds of statistics about how the majority of people in the prison system were raised by single mothers, and then she criticized people like Halle Berry for praising her single mother. Yeah, that's the problem. Let's go after those horrible single moms. How dare they try to raise their kids without a husband? Who do they think they are not living in an ideal situation?

The thing is, it's not like there isn't a point buried deep within the pile of crazy that comes out of her mouth. But what exactly are we going to do about this situation? Force single mothers to marry? Make unmarried pregnant women get abortions? (Now there's a thought, eh?) And is this really the only factor that strings together all of these people in jail? I mean, are they all totally diverse in every respect except for the fact that they were raised by single mothers? Oh, but why look into that when you can just point out one thing and leave it at that?

Apparently, Coulter also was taking issue with biracial people like Barack Obama and Halle Berry (Her again?! Serves her right for doing Catwoman!) Apparently, even though they're both half-white, they identify themselves as being black, I guess so they can act like they're victims. ('Cause, you know, victimhood was totally Obama's schtick throughout the campaign.) Of course, it doesn't occur to Coulter that perhaps the reason why they identify with being black is due to the fact that they LOOK BLACK. If you didn't know that they had white mothers, you wouldn't know it by looking at them. Sure, maybe you might guess as they're both relatively fair skinned, but those two things don't necessarily follow.

The real thing about Coulter that makes her dispicable was summed up by Whoopi Goldberg on that clip of The View that I saw. She told Coulter that she can "dish it out but can't take it". And that's exactly what it is. Ever see that interview with Matt Lauer? Coulter was acting like SHE was the victim when she called the 9/11 widows harpies who were happy about their husbands' deaths. Her whole point was that apparently, nobody is allowed to criticize them even though there she was on national TV - CRITICIZING THEM!

And again, maybe I just don't notice it when the left does this, but it's a real pattern that I see with the right. They get to say whatever they want, but then they act like they're being oppressed when somebody calls them out on it. I also vaguely remember a video that I once saw where somebody made a crack to Coulter about her not being married or something like that. Coulter than went on about how the left can only resort to personal attacks - even though that's all she does! If it weren't for cruel, personal attacks, Coulter's books would be pamphlets!

There's other stuff that I could point out regarding her craziness. Of course, I can't let it go without saying that in one of her books she goes off about evolution and how it's not scientific, despite the fact that she has no scientific credentials and everything that she said was easily and readily refuted by real, actual scientists. Whatever, the point is that anybody who writes in a book that evolution isn't real is automatically an intellectually bankrupt person, and everything else she says beyond that should be taken with a grain of salt.

Some coworkers and I were discussing her at work today. The question came up as to whether she really believes all the shit she says, of if she's nothing more than a carnie who entertains people by saying provcative things. We were wondering what was worse. It would be pretty bad if she was really that stupid, but perhaps it's worse if even she doesn't believe the things that she says. Why would that be worse? Because people take her seriously and treat her as some kind of voice of authority.

Whatever the case might be, I just wish that she'd go away. The world doesn't need her ugliness.


Ingrid said...

Lance, I don't know if you watched the same show I did, but I felt that (and I am not a fan of Coulter, though I agree with her sometimes) she never got a chance to say what she wanted to say, and that especially Whoppi didn't give her a chance to finish a sentence, and the women on the view are the stupid ones and dish it out.
Ann Coulter is right about what she was trying to say, we are glorifying single motherhood, and the kids are the victims. Sorry. Just because she doesn't advocate believing in evolution, neither does the other idiot Hasselberg or whatever, but she is on The View. And Whoppi? And Halle Berry, who is another beautiful idiot. Whatever made them an authorities on anything, except their big mouths and some good parts in movies. What do you expect them to say about single motherhood? Give some dumb girls dumb ideas, that's all it does.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Like I said, it's not that there wasn't any kind of a point somewhere in there. The problem was - what's her solution? And she's just so full of vitriol. She's like Lady Macbeth, and I hope just like her there's a conscience buried somewhere down deep within her.

And yeah, it's not exactly like The View sets new standards in intellectualism to begin with.

Ingrid said...

There is no solution to this problem as long as we are glorifying single motherhood and making fathers unimportant in rearing children. I have known enough single mothers, even within my own family, and though they did the best they could, they would not have chosen that way for their childrens sake. Being honest about that subject for once would get people in the right direction, and maybe it needs an Ann Coulter to show the way by stating facts. That is if they ever let her finish a sentence. Today the idiots have their say and people listen.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

I really don't believe this thing about single mothers being "glorified". I mean, just because a few celebrities have praised their single mothers for overcoming overwhelming odds, that hardly counts as "glorifying".

And Coulter's facts are very selective. As I stated before, are you going to tell me that the only thing that all of those prisoners have in common is that they were raised by single mothers? Talk about an oversimplified view of the problem. Don't you think that things like income and especially education level are an even bigger factor? And what are the percentage of people with single mothers who go to prison? My guess is that most of them turn out fine.

You're being far too generous to say that Coulter is stating "the facts". She is stating SOME facts, and she's stating them in a vitriolic, skewed way that ignores the complexities of the situation. It's typical conservative pundit bullcrap - oversimplify a situation and demonize a group of people.

Ingrid said...

You can read the statistics yourself. They also tell you that most people in prison have been abused when they were children. And look how many children are being killed by the mother's boyfriend. I don't think that people like Whoopi and the others are any more qualified to argue that point. Isn't it strange that all those "single" mothers always have a man in their lives? You have to remember just who looks up to them, and tries to follow their example. I take Ann Coulters vitrolic way of saying things a lot better than the idiotic babble of Whoopi and the likes. And yes, they are glorifying single motherhood.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Okay, please stop taking this as me holding Whoopi Goldberg up as some sort of intellectual giant. I said that she had a good point on one of the things that she said. Compared to Coulter though, at least she has some sense of gray area unlike the black and white world of conservative punditry.

I'm sorry, but I'm so lost about this "glorifying" thing. Halle Berry said something five years ago is still having an impact on all of this? As to the men in prison, didn't their mothers have them about twenty years ago? Was single motherhood being glorified in 1988? This doesn't even pass the most basic logic test.

Are there really any mothers out there who decided to get pregnant because they thought it was glamorous? Are there some statistics on that? Again, don't you think that things like lack of education are a bigger factor? And I know that you'd be inclined to agree that the pro-life movement is no doubt partially responsible for this as well, as they target low-income pregnant women and tell them not to have an abortion even though they haven't the resources nor knowledge to raise a child.

Kirsti said...

I think it's wrong to judge people, especially if you have never walked in their shoes. I don't think that people should have anything to say about single moms unless they have been a single parent themselves. We don't know what their situation is and how they came to be a single mom. I give single parents a lot of credit...not only do they have to figure out how to survive for themselves, they also need to figure out how to survive with a child. In this day and with the economy the way it is, that's not an easy task. Does this mean I'm glorifying it? No.

Ann Coulter is mean, disrespectful and completely out of line.

Kirsti said...

Oh, and since Whoopi was brought up...I haven't seen enough of her to have an opinion on her on the show, but I'm pretty sure that she herself is a single mom.

Ingrid said...

Kirsti, you are right. Don't judge people unless you have walked in their shoes. Leave that to Lance and me.
Yes, Whoppi was a single mom who went from one lover to another.
Yes, some girls think because Sharon Stone and other actresses can make it as single moms they can make it too. And yes, it has to do with social and intellectual conditions how children grow up. Single mothers are on the lowest rung of income, if some of them weren't so stupid, the intellectual level of their children would also be higher. It all goes hand in hand. Don't you see that?
As I said, I have known enough single mothers in my life and I have high respect for some of them, some did a marvelous job. Kids are still better off with two parents. It should not be encouraged for all the aformentioned reasons to become a single parent. Some things are just black and white, and, to add another point to you and your husband, vitrolic comments are not privy to Ann Coulter, Lance has a patent on that one when it comes to disagreeing with others. Passionate people are like that.
I love you anyway. That's it.

Ingrid said...

Kirsti, there is a difference becoming a single parent by choice or by circumstances. To choose to become one is just not a good idea.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

While I can definitely be harsh, my vitriol has never even approached the level of Coulter's. For instance, I don't think I've ever said something that approaches the level of cruelty (and absurdity) of her comments about the 9/11 widows.

The difference is, I say what I see as the truth and don't care if it offends. Coulter deliberately says things to offend so she can sell more books.

Kirsti said...

I don't think that anyone is "encouraging" women to become single mothers. However, if women are single, want to have a family and have the means to support a child, then I see no problem with that. I have known many people who grew up with both parents who probably would have had a much more stable childhood if they only had one of their parents around. Being a single parent is not something that I ever plan on doing in my lifetime. I personally like the fact that my child will have two parents. If other people choose differently, that's their decision to make.

I'm sorry, but I don't see this as a black and white issue. There are way too many factors involved for this to be black and white. Whether I should stab myself in the eye with a knife...that is a black and white issue. Not a good idea!

As far as Lance (my husband, as you pointed out..funny!) being vitriolic, I don't put him in the same category as Ann Coulter.

I love you anyway, too.

Ingrid said...

I am just wondering what you think of this woman having 8 babies without a father, after already having four? Do you still believe that there aren't enough stupid women out there who feel encouraged to become single moms by the general blase attitute of society? I guess it is alright to add some disabled children just to satisfy ones selfish motivation.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

I feel the same way about her that you no doubt do. However, there's more to it than that. For starters, she seems to have some emotional/mental issues going on. Secondly, how do you know that celebrity single mothers are even a factor in this? Did she say something to that effect? If not, you're just assuming. Thirdly, how many women are out there in this country? Does one woman doing this constitute a trend? Hardly?

And lastly, it still doesn't excuse Coulter's statements.