Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thorsgiving Haiku

I'm changing Thanksgiving to Thorsgiving. This Haiku will make it official:

He gives salvation
from the evil Frost Giants.
Happy Thorsgiving!


Ingrid said...

There was a big Thorsgiving orgy at Valhalla. The next morning there were nymphs and satyrs and other creatures lying around in drunken stupor. One pretty little nymph was stumbling around, rubbing her eyes. She came to a big throne where a gigantic guy was sitting. She asked "who are you?" he answered in a thundering voice: "I AM THOR".
She said: "You're thor? I'm so thor, I can hardly pith."

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Satyrs in Valhalla? You're confusing your Norse and Greek.

: )

Ingrid said...

It was a party, everyone was invited. -:) I was there, I should know.