Sunday, April 25, 2010

Comics Roundup for 4/21/10

Just three books this week, as I passed up on quite a few things. Here goes:

Batman: Streets of Gotham #11 - This wrapped up the storyline involving Mr. Zsasz that's been going on for a few issues. It was a fairly satisfying conclusion, and I'm liking the Damien Wayne version of Robin more and more. I also like the fact that the backup story with Manhunter ties into events in the main Batman series. I really like this series, but if it's going to have another guest writer anytime soon, I might be skipping some issues.

The Amazing Spider-Man #628 - Spider-Man fights Captain Universe. You know, I always thought that the Captain Universe concept was somewhat hokey, but I liked this issue. Spider-Man is always at his best when he's fighting somebody who's clearly several power brackets higher than him. Also, it's nice to see that this whole thing is not simply a rematch with him and The Juggernaut. There was also a backup story, and I don't see much point in it, although it was nice to see some artwork from Todd Nauck in the main Spider-Man book.

Green Lantern #53 - There are some good character moments between Hal and Carol in this along with a scene where the two of them have to deal with Sinestro, who proves himself to once again be the biggest douche in the universe. For the most part though, this issue was setting up plot elements for future stories, both in this series and in the various spinoff books. This is the only one that I'm getting, so I'll miss out on some of that stuff, no doubt. Still, I'm curious as to who this new villain is, and I wonder what's going to happen to all the other various colored corps out there.

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