Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Comics Roundup for 8/24/11

Captain America and Bucky #621 - To think that I was a bit concerned that Ed Brubaker was going to be sharing the writing chores with Marc Andreyko, a writer with whom I'm not familiar. I'm certainly not worried now, as this was another solid installment in the Bucky - Year One storyline. I'm really interested in what's going to happen to this title once this five-part arc is done.

Kick-Ass 2 #3 - I like the comics, but ultimately I didn't think that it translated very well into a movie. With this sequel, I think that even more now. This is some violent stuff, but still darkly comical. I just don't know how they could pull that off in a movie, and if they toned it down, then what would the point be of that?

Batman: The Dark Knight #5 - I was a bit disappointed with this issue. Everything got wrapped up far too abruptly. I'm wondering if it had something to do with the reboot, where they wanted to wrap everything up before that. Perhaps it was that and a combination of David Finch's deadline issues as well. Well, I liked this just enough to give the new series a chance despite this weak ending, so I'll stick with it for a few more issues at least. (Just watched CBR's interview with David Finch. Looks like he's collaborating with writer Paul Jenkins for the relaunch. Okay, I'm looking forward to that.)

Wolverine #14 - If you kill a lot of people, there's got to be some consequences. Wolverine's killed a lot of people, and even in a comic book world, it's nice to see that he has to deal with those consequences. Once again, Jason Aaron does a good job of wrapping up one story arc while setting things up for the next one. I've seen Wolverine get screwed over pretty badly before, but this story is really taking the cake, and it will be hard to top it for future writers.

Batman: Incorporated #8 - Even though this has probably been my favorite current Bat-book (or is that Detective Comics?) I was a bit disappointed with this one. It's one of those "This is happening in a virtual reality" stories, and I can never really get into those. Anyway, I'm disappointed that this book isn't scheduled for the relaunch, even though there are supposedly going to be a couple of special issues that will wrap some stuff up that Grant Morrison started. Does this mean that he won't have a regular bat-book after the relaunch? I'd hate to think so.

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