Thursday, August 4, 2011

Comics Roundup for 8/3/11

Slow week. Here's what I got:

Flashpoint #4 (of 5) - After re-reading the previous three issues, I think I figured out why I like this series more than the average crossover. The thing that makes the story compelling is because instead of trying to focus on an entire universe of characters, it's primarily about The Flash, with Batman playing an important supporting role. Anyway, this was another solid installment, but I wonder how they're going to be able to wrap it all up and set the stage for the huge DC reboot by next issue.

Wolverine #13 - This issue wasn't quite as good as the last few issues have been, as there doesn't seem to be as much forward momentum to this installment as there has been with the preceding ones. Supposedly it all gets wrapped up next issue (or it just leads to an even bigger story) so I'm looking forward to that.

The Amazing Spider-Man #666 - Dan Slott sure packs a lot of story into a single issue, and that's a good thing. However, I'm not too sure how jazzed I am about this Spider Island storyline. So, people all over New York are getting Spider-Man's powers? Meh. I don't see why this turns into a big crossover. I am a bit curious about the return of The Jackal and Kaine though.

Flashpoint - Batman: Knight of Vengeance - Either I read the last issue wrong, or I remembered it wrong, but it looks like in this new continuity, it was Bruce Wayne who died. As a result, his father becomes Batman and his mother becomes The Joker. Interesting, although I'm glad that this continuity will vanish by the end of this crossover, as I sure as heck wouldn't want that to be a permanent change. The one good thing this does though is add to the motivation of the Thomas Wayne Batman over in the main Flashpoint title.

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