Monday, November 21, 2011

Comics Roundup for 11/16/11

I've been out of town this weekend, so this is a bit late.  Hopefully I can remember what happened, as I finished reading these before I left!

Batman #3 - Scott Snyder is continuing his great Batman scripts with this series, and Greg Capullo is turning in some of his best art as well.  I think that these two work really well together to create a comic that's greater than the sum of its parts, to use a cliche.  The story is complex, but there is a good bit of action in it as well that serves the talents of Capullo.

Captain America #4 - This probably isn't my favorite Captain America story from Ed Brubaker, but it's still entertaining and Steve McNiven's art is pretty good as always.  Supposedly Alan Davis is coming on board for a story arc starting with issue six.  Now THAT'S going to be pretty cool.

The Avengers #19 - The new team is revealed, and it's not the members that you see on the cover.  That's okay though, as at least I got to be a bit surprised.  It turns out that Spider-Man and Wolverine will not be on the team, but I'm good with that as well.  After all, they're on the other team, which is still an official Avengers team but it has its own vibe that suits the two of them much better than this book did.  After all, I can't recall any cool moments with the two of them in this title, but I can think of plenty of them from New Avengers.  Oh, and cool cliffhanger for this issue.

Justice League #3 - This was a whole lot of fun, and I'm really liking how this is all coming together now that Wonder Woman is on board.  Some fans are critical of the "decompressed" style that Geoff Johns is taking with this series, but I don't really think that's a fair comment.  Sure, there are a few one-two panel pages, but there is the ongoing story with Cyborg that's giving the readers the best of both worlds.  Also, Jim Lee is doing some top-notch stuff here as well.  I think that this series is exactly what it aims to be.

The Amazing Spider-Man #674 - This has been such a solid series since Dan Slott took over as the main writer.  Is it the best superhero comic on the stands?  No.  But is it ever disappointing?  No.  Looks like the Vulture is back, and with yet another new spin on the character.  However, this one seems to be a bit more interesting and keeping with the original concept of the character.  Also, I still find myself liking Mary Jane more now than I have in a long time.

Wonder Woman #3 - I didn't like this one as much as the last two issues, mainly because I didn't feel like a whole lot happened.  Still, it's a good story that Brian Azzarello is creating here, and I love what he's doing with the character.  For those who don't know, her origin has been changed, and instead of being made out of clay by her mom, she's the daughter of Zeus and her mom when they had an affair.  The "clay" story is still in there - as it was the lie that she was told.  Still, this makes for great use of her links to Greek Mythology, and it also makes you care about Wonder Woman herself more, as nobody wants to have to question who they are.

Nightwing #3 - There wasn't anything necessarily wrong with this issue, but I think it will be my last one.  I've been picking up so much stuff since DC's relaunch that I'm starting to forget what happened from issue to issue.  This one I couldn't remember at all, so I think that makes for a good excuse to drop it.

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