Saturday, November 5, 2011

Comics Roundup for 11/2/11

Fear Itself #7.1 - This Captain America-centric epilogue to the summer's big event delivered exactly what I thought it would.  SPOILER ALERT!  Bucky's back to life - turns out he didn't die in the first place.  I've mentioned that I thought they were going to undo that particular death on this blog for some time now.  I guessed it because we've spent so many years now getting to know this character, and it felt like such an unceremonious afterthought to just kill him off the way that they did.  So, it looks like there will be a Winter Soldier comic coming out soon, and most of the world will believe him to be dead.  Sounds good to me - I'm down with the first issue at the very least.

Uncanny X-Men #1 - I thought I'd give this other new X-Men book a try since I tried out Wolverine and the X-Men last week.  It was decent enough, but I'm so far removed from the X-Men universe lately that I just don't know if I want to commit.  I understand the difference between this book and the other X-Men book, but what's the deal with X-Men?  And X-Men Legacy?  And Fat Free, Low Carb X-Men?  It's too confusing.  Even Wolverine alone has twenty books on the stands nowadays.

Detective Comics #3 - Nothing too special here, but it was a solid little bit of Batman shenanigans.  Tony Daniel has created a pretty good villain in the Doll Maker, but I don't know if he will have much staying power after this particular arc is done.

Justice League International #3 - I really enjoyed the first issue, mainly due to the fun character interactions.  I might just check out the next one, but if I don't start seeing more of that, then I just might be done with this.  A good team book focuses on that, in my opinion.  Either that, or you do what Grant Morrison did with JLA years ago and come up with the craziest threats you can possibly imagine.  The threat in this series is just too standard to keep my interest.

The Amazing Spider-Man #673 - I've said it before, and I'll say it again - the relationship between Peter and Mary Jane is SO much more interesting now that they're not married.  Anyway, lots of other good stuff in this, and it turns out that Peter will once again have to watch out for his secret identity, as the spell cast by Doctor Strange only works enough to prevent people from remembering that he publicly revealed it in the first place.  Fun stuff, like usual.

Action Comics #3 - I enjoyed the story well enough, but the art on this book has taken a serious drop since the first issue. You'd think that with an important book like this, they'd keep it pretty consistent and top-quality. I'll stick around because I believe in this new direction for Superman, but I hope they pick a more dependable and consistent artist for it.

Crimson Empire III #1 (of 6) - I got rid of a lot of my Star Wars comics recently, but I kept the last two Crimson Empire series, mainly because I enjoyed them so much.  I didn't really remember all that much other than enjoying them, so I"ve been re-reading them.  So far, they're as good as I remember them.  This one has much of the same creative team, so I'm hoping that it will be a worthy successor (but I haven't read it yet).

Key of Z #1 - A former student recommended this zombie comic to me.  It's fine, but I just wasn't interested enough to keep getting it.  While I hate to compare it to Walking Dead, it's inevitable that I will do that.  I think that the main problem is that it doesn't stay focused enough on one, or even just a couple, of characters.  I didn't feel involved enough, and I thought there were too many things thrown at me all at once. I think many of these characters and concepts could have been saved for later issues.  The art was nice though.

Hellboy:  House of the Living Dead - I have not yet read this hardcover graphic novel by Mike Mignola and Richard Corben, but considering I like the character and everything they've done with him, I expect to like this one as well.

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