Sunday, May 13, 2012

Comics Roundup for 5/9/12

Lots of stuff - only enough time to write a little about each:

Batman #9 - Am I the only one who thinks that "Night of the Owls" would make for an awesome Batman movie?  And couldn't you see Christopher Nolan directing it?  Ah well, hopefully The Dark Knight Rises will make me forget that.

Captain America #11 - This feels a lot more like the kind of stuff that Ed Brubaker was doing when he started on the character.  A new Scourge?  Cool.

Batman and Robin #9 - What was Robin doing during the "Night of the Owls"?  You find out here.  Another fun read, and Damien Wayne is in good hands in this series.

The Avenging Spider-Man #7 - The weakest installment story-wise has the best art with Stuart Immonen.  Didn't love it.  Didn't hate it.

Avengers Assemble #3 - Thanos shows up at the end of an Avengers story?  Why does this feel like deja vu? Anyway, a decent read, but easily this is the weakest Avengers book.

Lord of the Jungle #4 - I still find myself enjoying this a lot more than I thought I would.

The New Avengers #26 - While I enjoyed this issue, I don't like how The Avengers books always focus more on tying in to the current crossover rather than featuring the team that I'm paying to read about.

Fatale #5 - This series definitely reads better when you read all the issues in a row.  I wish that I had just waited for the trade paperbacks on this one.

Batgirl #9 - While I enjoyed this "Night of the Owls" crossover, I would have liked it more if we got a bit of the ongoing subplots from this series.

Wolverine and the X-Men #10 - Now this is how you do a tie-in to a crossover.  Just like last issue, it gives us a lot more interesting stuff than would have fit in the Avengers Versus X-Men limited series.

Green Lantern #9 - Whoa...the secret of the Indigo Tribe was surprising but still made a lot of sense.  Good stuff, like usual.

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