Sunday, May 27, 2012

Comics Roundup for 5/23/12

Batman Incorporated #1 - I missed picking up Batman:  The Dark Knight even less since this one came out on the second week.  This was easily one of the best Batman books before the relaunch, and it's nice to see it back again.  Of course, there's some awesome stuff going on in Batman and Batman and Robin but this one gives us Grant Morrison at his best, and the new artist, Chris Burnham, is doing a nice job.  Fun, wacky, intricate, and slightly demented stuff here.

Aquaman #9 - I need to take the time to reread every issue of this series.  Not that I'm having difficulty following the story, but I have a feeling that there are some little details that I'm forgetting.  Anyway, I wonder how much of the stuff here is brand new to this series and how much was part of the older continuity.  One thing's for sure, I thought that the clilffhanger ending left open some pretty interesting possibilities.

The Amazing Spider-Man #686 - As always, it's somewhat tedious to write about a series that's as consistently solid as this one.  I like the twist with Mysterio in this issue.

Captain America #12 - Not much different to say with this one after the last issue.  Once again, this feels more like the pre-"death" of Captain America stories that Brubaker was doing, and that's a welcome thing to see.

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