Friday, September 7, 2012

Comics Roundup for 9/5/12

The Amazing Spider-Man #693 - I've read a few things online, and while it seems that some Spidey fans aren't happy with this current storyline, I'm enjoying it.  Yeah, the new character and "sidekick" Alpha is a jerk and annoying, but that's the whole point.  I like the dilemma that it creates for Peter, and I like how this issue concluded and set things up for the next one.  My only complaint is that I want some more Hobgoblin, dammit!  (I realize that's coming up though, but still...)

Green Lantern #0 - The new, Arab American Green Lantern is introduced.  Does Glen Beck know about this?  I bet he's mad.  Anyway, he's an interesting character, and I hope that they continue to do something interesting with him when they bring back Hal Jordan, which they'll obviously eventually do.  I like that they kept it topical and didn't make him out to be some sort of a saint.  He's flawed, but very human and sympathetic.  I wonder what's up with the gun though?  Why would a Green Lantern need one?  Hope that gets explained.

Hawkeye #2 - This was a pretty fun issue, and I really like the art of David Aja on this title.  It's a good fit, and he's good at storytelling.  I've never read any of the previous attempts at giving Clint Barton his own title, but I'm liking this, and it's different enough from his adventures with The Avengers to make it interesting.  Plus, his circus background is put to good use in this issue.

The Phantom Stranger #0 - Picked this up because my local comics shop owner picked it as his recommended book for the week, and there wasn't too much out.  I enjoyed it.  I suppose it's a good starting point for somebody like me who knows little about the character.  The Specter was in this story as well, and I don't know if he was so closely attached to this character before or not.  Also, it seems like they're tying it into some bigger crossover with DC.  Will I get the next issue?  Perhaps.

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Susie said...

I am LOVING Hawkeye! I sincerely didn't want to; Hawkeye is the butt of many jokes around the shop. But Fraction/Aja have yet to disappoint me. I hate how much I like it. So good!