Saturday, September 1, 2012

Comics Roundup for 8/29/12

You know I'm back to work when it takes this long to get the Comics Roundup online.

Winter Soldier #9 - Turns out that Ed Brubaker's run on this title is numbered as well.  I'm not sure if I'll stick around after he leaves, as this is really his character as far as I'm concerned.  Sure, he's based on a Golden Age character, but Brubaker made him what he is.  It's like somebody other than Alan Davis writing Clan Destine.  Anyway, this was a fun issue, and I really hope that Michael Lark winds up doing something that I'll be reading once this is over.

Green Lantern Annual #1 - This is the beginning of the next Green Lantern epic, and I'm guessing that the Guardians of the Universe are now pretty much bad guys.  Also, we see that Hal Jordan "dies" (doubt it will be for long) and that's no doubt how we'll wind up with the new Arab American GL.  Anyway, I just hope that I don't need to buy every GL book out there, but I'll do it if it's the only way to get it to all make sense.  I did that the last time and didn't regret it.

Wolverine and the X-Men #15 - Fun stuff, like usual, with a lot of great character interaction.  Is this title going to continue after AvX is over?  I hope so.

Aquaman #12 - Speaking of writers who aren't going to stay around forever, it looks like Geoff Johns will only be doing this series for a few more issues.  That's pretty disappointing, as I thought that he was going to create something big with all this. I'm curious as to who's going to take over, but I have this feeling that I'll be dropping this book as well in the near future.

The Avenging Spider-Man #11 - Oh, how lame.  It's a story where Peter deals with the death of his Uncle Ben for the thousandth time, and it's all basically a long conversation with Aunt May.  Feels like I've seen this before.  But guess what?  It works.  I liked this issue a lot, and while I don't think that Steve Dillon, who's great on some stuff, is a good fit for superheroes, he was the perfect choice because he's great at doing page after page of conversations.  Also, the first two pages had me laughing out loud.

Justice League #12 - I wish the comics-related media didn't make such a big deal out of Superman and Wonder Woman kissing in this issue, and I also wish that it wasn't there on the front page.  Yeah, I get it, it sells comics, but I would have preferred to have been surprised.  Still, I was pleased to see that it made sense in context of the story.  Also, I got a chance to re-read all the issues of this title, and I'm finding it a bit more enjoyable than I had before.  I'm also thinking that the addition of Cyborg to the team is a good one, as he's definitely different from all the other heroes on the team.

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