Thursday, August 23, 2012

Comics Roundup for 8/22/12

Wolverine Annual #1 - This is the third part of a story that went through the annuals for The Fantastic Four and Daredevil.  I picked them all up because they were written and drawn by Alan Davis, and they all feature his creation, The Clan Destine.  I finally got a chance to read the other two along with this one, and I found myself enjoying them.  The main reason is that I liked those characters, and it was good to not only see them back, but to have these stories deal with some unanswered question about them.  I suppose that if I had never read those comics though, I would be pretty disappointed and confused by these issues, as it's really a continuation of The Clan Destine's adventures than the adventures of the FF, Daredevil, and Wolverine.  In fact, I think that I'll be organizing these issues with that now-defunct series.

The Rocketeer:  Cargo of Doom #1 (of 4) - I passed on the last anthology series, but I picked this one up because it tells one continuous story, and it's written by one of my favorite writers:  Mark Waid.  He's a good fit for the character, and this issue was a lot of fun. I like the art by Chris Samnee as well, although it's pretty hard to step into the shoes of Dave Stevens.

Batwoman #12 - I picked this up because JH Williams III returned to the artistic duties.  Even though I'm a bit behind on the story, I enjoyed this - mainly for the art.  It's also cool to see Wonder Woman, and I'm looking forward to this particular team-up.  Insert gratuitous lesbian joke that's insensitive and in poor taste here.

Green Lantern #12 - Fun stuff, as always.  I'm hoping that this upcoming crossover won't strain my wallet too much.

The Amazing Spider-Man #692 - In this 50th Anniversary issue, Spidey gets a sidekick.  While I like the concept, I wonder just how long this sort of a thing can last.  Anyway, the backup stories were pretty fun as well, and my only complaint is that I have to wait one more issue for the return of Roderick Kingsley, a.k.a. The Hobgoblin.  My first regular issue of Amazing featured him as the villain, so I'm kinda partial to him.

Supercrooks #4 - This was a satisfying, but not spectacular, ending to a really fun series.  Leinil Yu does a pretty awesome job as usual.  I wonder if there's going to be a part two to this?  Seems like there's room for one.

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