Thursday, August 2, 2012

Comics Roundup for 8/1/12

Avengers Versus X-Men #9 - Now this is a bit more like it.  We get a bit more forward momentum here, and the last few issues start to make a bit more sense.  To call this Avengers versus X-Men is far too simple of a title.  Even from the beginning, you had Wolverine and The Beast on the side of The Avengers.  Now?  The X-Men are leaving in droves, as Cyclops is completely drunk with power, which is what one expects when a person is united with the Phoenix force.  Plus, we got to see Spider-Man take center stage in this issue.

Wolverine and the X-Men #14 - I wish that I had read this one before AvX #9, as it sets up what's going on with Colossus and makes the events in that book make even more sense.  I like the art from Jorge Molina as well, even if it borders on being a ripoff of Olivier Copiel.

Hit-Girl #2 - Another fun issue here.  Honestly though, I find the bit where she's trying to fit in at school to be even more entertaining than all the action/adventure stuff.

Hawkeye #1 - I picked this one up on a whim.  It's a pretty nice done-in-one story, and while the character definitely feels like Hawkeye, you get him in a situation that's pretty far removed from his life in The Avengers.  I'll pick up the next issue at least.

Daredevil #16 - And yet another good read.  I've mentioned before how I like that DD is becoming an active participant in the rest of the Marvel Universe, and that all continues with this issue.  Plus, Matt Murdock's life is falling apart once again, so it still feels like a DD comic.

Avenging Spider-Man #10 - Oh, Avenging Spider-Man, I wish I could quit you.  Original writer, Zeb Wells, is coming back for next issue, so that should be good as well.  This was a satisfying conclusion to the Captain Marvel/Spidey team-up from last issue.

Peter Parker:  Spider-Man #156.1 - This is one of those special 50th Anniversary issues that came out, and I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to bother with any of the others.  I was a bit excited because Roger Stern is the writer, but the story wasn't interesting enough to keep me engaged.


John E. said...

Well, crap, I'll miss you over there but I understand. Been tempted myself a few times.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Thanks, man. I appreciate it.

SaraToday said...

Oh no Lance! I'm so sad to see you go. I was hoping we might meet sometime since we're in the Bay Area and all.

You take on people in a way that I just can't deal with. I'm looking you up on Facebook now.

And, yes, I am familiar with Oz. I'm not all that young mister.

see you around I hope.

Turmarion said...

Thank you for the kind words, Lance--it's been good discussing things with you. I'm bookmarking your blog, and will see you around here. Good luck with everything!

MI said...

Sorry to see you go. You will be missed.

The Heathen Republican said...

Lance, saw that you left Alexandria. Thanks for the shout out. Added you to my blogroll, so I'll stop by periodically.