Thursday, August 9, 2012

Comics Roundup for 8/8/12

Daredevil Annual #1 - I bought this because Alan Davis did it, but I didn't read it yet because apparently it's the second part of a story that begins in the Fantastic Four's annual, and I neglected to pick that one up.  Apparently it can stand on its own, but considering that Alan Davis is doing all three parts (Wolverine's Annual being the third part) then I'll get all of them.

Avengers Assemble #6 - I guess this is the kind of thing we'd be seeing in the regular Avengers book if they didn't have to deal with all those crossover stories.  Anyway, this series started a bit slow, but it's a lot of fun now, and it's nice to see the expanded assemblage of Avengers represented in this issue.

Batgirl #12 - Another solid installment, this time with a team-up with Batwoman.  I'd like to see these two team up some more, as they really have their own things going on despite their Bat connection.

Spider-Men #4 - Last issue was action-packed and didn't feel very consequential.  This one was a lot of dialogue, but it was a hell of a lot more interesting as the "real" Peter Parker interacts with the May, Gwen, and Mary Jane of the Ultimate Universe.

The New Avengers #29 - Speaking of dialogue-filled issues, that's all we get from this one as well, but it's still an entertaining story, as we get a return of the Illuminati, only this time with Captain America calling the meeting.

Batman and Robin #12 - Good stuff again in this one, and it was nice to see Nightwing not play into Damien/Robin's little game of "I can defeat all the other Robins" and just declare himself the loser.  I hope that the character stuff that went on in this story arc continues along into the next one.

Batman #12 - This felt like a fill-in issue even though Scott Snyder was still writing it.  Nothing too special in this one, as it deals with people who are unknown to Batman but whose lives are affected by him.  Anyway, looking forward to the return of Greg Capullo on art.

Captain America #16 - Not much to say here, only that this was a pretty fun installment.  I hear that Rick Remender is going to be taking over this title after Brubaker leaves.  I don't know much of his work, but I'm hoping that he'll do a good job.

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