Thursday, November 22, 2012

Comics Roundup for 11/21/12

Captain America #1 - A new era begins for Cap with Rick Remender at the helm.  This was pretty good, and while I really like the idea of delving into the childhood of Steve Rogers, I hope that it gets a bit more complex than what we saw in this issue.  Aside from that, I think it's smart to take such a completely different approach to the title, as we've got Captain America in some bizarre dimension where Arnim Zola is doing all sorts of funky experiments.  If Remender tried to continue what Brubaker was doing, it would have fallen flat.  So, while I didn't love this, it has potential.  Cap is one of those characters where the book has to be particularly uninspiring for me to stop reading it.

Wonder Woman #14 - Even though I've been cutting back on some books, including some that I really like, I didn't even consider dropping this title.  This series has so much of what I love - superheroes, Greek Mythology, great art, etc. that it's unlikely that I'll drop it if it keeps going like this.  Shoot, I even think that Tony Akins, the fill-in artist for Cliff Chiang, is getting a lot better.  Anyway, another solid installment on this one - glad to see that the introduction of Jack Kirby's Fourth World seems to be well thought-out and not just a gimmick.

The Avengers #34 - It's the end of this series and a departure for writer Brian Michael Bendis.  Meh.  While I've been re-reading his stuff and enjoying it tremendously, I still feel like this grand finale feels a bit rushed.  Still, I've enjoyed so much of it that I definitely won't miss that special series involving Ultron that's coming up.

The Amazing Spider-Man #698 - Managed to miss all the spoilers on this issue, which is a good thing, as the ending came as a bit of a shock.  I guess I understand what the new direction for the series will be, but it's pretty clear that it can't last for too long.

Indestructible Hulk #1 - I picked this one up because Mark Waid is writing it, and the fact that Leinil Yu is penciling it doesn't hurt matters.  It didn't blow me away, but it set up some pretty interesting possibilities, and it sure as heck looks good, so I'll definitely check out the next issue.

Daredevil #20 - Man, but there's some freaky stuff going on in this issue - namely a bunch of heads piled up in a room, and they're all still alive.  (I was going to attempt to explain the mechanics of it, but it's one of those things that works better as a visual.)  I always like this comic, but this one was a real page-turner.  I still don't know why The Spot was considered C-list, as I think a guy who can do what he does would be pretty formidable.

Hawkeye #4 - I really wish that I didn't like this book so much, but this was another really fun issue.  I'm thinking that I'm starting to like this series more and more with each issue.  I even tried to find fault because it has a guest artist, but when the guest artist is Javier Pulido, it's kinda hard to get mad.

Rachel Rising, Volume 2:  "Fear No Malus" - I pretty much devoured the first volume of this series from Terry Moore, so I was eager for the second volume.  While I had to spend some time flipping through the first to remind myself of what was going on, I quickly got back involved with this issue.  Mr. Moore is definitely setting up something cool here; I just hope that he has a good payoff in mind for the conclusion.  And I gotta say, for a somewhat macabre horror story, it had a pretty damned touching bit of human interaction in it.

The Walking Dead, Volume 17: "Something to Fear" - I usually save a trade paperback for the bottom of my stack of stuff to read, but I think that this was the second book I read this week.  The story is moving forward in the usual way where I'm stressed out over everything that happens and want more, more, MORE by the time I get to the end.  Also, just when it seemed like Rick and company were on top of things, their situation is much worse than they thought.  And then, of course, the last couple of pages let you know that what you thought was happening wasn't actually what was happening.  Dammit.

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