Thursday, November 29, 2012

Comics Roundup for 11/28/12

All New X-Men #1 & #2 - For some reason, I had told myself that I was going to hold off and maybe get this series in trade paperbacks.  When I realized that I had no desire to get the second issue of Iron Man, I figured I'd check these out, mainly because this particular creative team has been responsible for many of my favorite comics over the last several years (New Avengers and Ultimate Spider-Man).  I'm glad that I picked it up.  It's a really compelling story, and I'm hoping that it will explore what's so potentially great about the concept of the X-Men.  Basically the setup is that the original X-Men are brought into the present in order to help Scott Summers find his way again, considering that he's a bit more Magneto than Professor X lately.  It has potential, and so far it's living up to it.  And of course, Stuart Immonen is drawing some absolutely awesome stuff, like always.

Batman, Incorporated #5 - Another wild and zany Grant Morrison issue, where we find out the ultimate doom that awaits Gotham City if Damien Wayne becomes Batman...or do we?

Thor: God of Thunder #2 - Another great issue, and the art by Esad Ribic is darn-near perfect for this series.  I hear that Iron Man will be making an appearance in this series soon, but I personally hope that it stays away from the whole superhero stuff too much.  We can read The Avengers for Thor-as-superhero.  With this, and Wonder Woman, we're getting mythology comics, and that's cool enough without the trappings of superheroes.  (And just like with Thor, you can read Justice League if you want Wonder Woman as a superhero.)

Uncanny Avengers #2 - So much coolness this week that I almost forgot how cool this issue was as well.  Gotta say that I'm digging the return of the Red Skull, and I like how this team is forming in an organic fashion, rather than having them all tossed together in the first issue.

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