Saturday, November 10, 2012

Comics Roundup for 11/7/12

The Avengers #33 & The New Avengers #32 - I've been re-reading all of the Avengers books since Brian Michael Bendis took over years ago, and I'm really enjoying them.  Unfortunately, I feel like his final issues on both of these books seem a bit rushed.  I guess he's trying to put everything back together after all of the changes he made when he wrote the "Disassembled" story, and that's nice to see.  However, the inconsistent art teams are hurting the story, and wasn't Ultron supposed to have something to do with the final Bendis Avengers story?

A vs. X: Consequences #5 (of 5) - This issue wraps everything up and sets forth a new status quo for Cyclops and the X-Men.  You didn't really expect him to just sit in jail, did you?  Me neither.  Anyway, I think that this story actually had a tighter plot and a more satisfying ending than the main crossover.

Green Lantern #14 - We get to have our cake and eat it too as the new Green Lantern realizes that it would be stupid to fight the Justice League.  However, his ring has other plans.  Fun stuff, like usual.

Iron Man #1 - I figured I'd give this new series a try.  It was pretty entertaining, but nothing special.  I'll check out the second issue at least before I make up my mind whether to continue or not.

Avenging Spider-Man #14 - I think this book might be running its course, as it can't seem to keep a consistent creative team.  Plus, Devil Dinosaur?  Lame.  I think this might be it for me.  Cool cover though.

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