Thursday, January 17, 2013

Comics Roundup for 1/16/13

Lots of good stuff.  Here we go:

Star Wars #1 - I read some good reviews of this new series from Dark Horse.  It's basically what the old, original Marvel series was back in the 1970s - the adventures of Luke Skywalker and company right after the destruction of the Death Star.  I like this issue well enough to check out the next one.  The one thing that I thought was pretty good was how they dealt with Han Solo and his Jabba the Hutt situation.  After all, why not just go and pay the guy off and then move on?  Han gives a good reason in this one; at least, he gives a reason that you could believe Han would think is a good reason.  I have to wonder though with all of these Expanded Universe Star Wars stories, are they starting to contradict what's come before?  There are only so many times you can go through the same territory without walking on your own tracks.

Daredevil #22 - This was a fun issue, and thankfully, DD can tell that there's definitely something off with Spider-Man, even though he sounds, smells, etc. the same.  I think it should only be a matter of time before other characters start to catch on.  My only slight complaint is that it would have been nice to see the Peter Parker "ghost" have a say, but maybe they didn't want to spoil the first issue of Superior Spider-Man for those who haven't read it yet.

Captain America #3 - Well, things get even more bizarre in this issue.  It still feels like a Captain America story, but only just barely by this point.  Let's hope that Rick Remender can walk the line between doing something completely different from Ed Brubaker (his shadow still looms large) and something that's still true to the character.

Indestructible Hulk #3 - Just like the first two issues, this one was a fun read but it's not quite sticking with me.  However, at least with this one some interesting developments including a supporting cast get introduced.  I'll stick around.

Savage Wolverine #1 - The art of Frank Cho is the selling point of this series.  His writing?  It's not bad, but it's nothing special.  Still, this was an enjoyable read.  I'll get at least a few issues of it, but I have a feeling that the new adjective-less Wolverine series drawn by Alan Davis might give me my monthly Wolverine fix a bit better.

The New Avengers #2 - This was stronger than the last issue, and that's mainly because we start to get some of the personalities conflicting with one another.  Having Steve Rogers as a member of the Illuminati (which should be the title of this series) certainly sets a new tone for the team (if you can call them that).

Batman #16 - This issue felt kind of perfunctory with its confrontation with the Joker and other members of Batman's rogues gallery.  Also, I was a bit confused as to what was going on, as the art didn't clearly lay out what happened during the fight with Mr. Freeze.  Oh well, the beginning of this story has been great, and Scott Snyder has entertained me more than he has not, so I'll just consider this to be a bump in the road.

All New X-Men #6 - I was feeling somewhat uninterested in this issue until the end, and then things started to get good again.  As for new artist David Marquez, I don't think that I like him as much as Stuart Immonen, but I sure as heck am not going to complain about his work - it's pretty spiffy.  Again, this is the series that has surprised me the most, but I guess it shouldn't considering how many of my favorite comics from the past decade have been written by Brian Michael Bendis.

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