Thursday, January 31, 2013

Comics Roundup for 1/30/13

The Superior Spider-Man #2 - I'm not sure how long this storyline can hold up, but it's pretty interesting now that we get to see Peter Parker reacting to everything that's going on as Doctor Octopus continues to control his body.  I think that one good thing that Dan Slott has done with all this is that it's clear that he's been setting stuff up long-term.  In this issue, Mary Jane is getting suspicious, but Peter's other ex-girlfriend, Carlie Cooper, has even more reason to be.  I'm hoping that all of this will play out in the issues to come.

Avenging Spider-Man #16 - I figured that I'd give this book another shot since it looks like it's getting a regular writer.  Plus, it will be interesting to see Ock-Spidey interact with the rest of the Marvel Universe.  I'd be disappointed if Wolverine didn't notice that something was amiss in this team-up with the X-Men, considering that they're fellow Avengers and the two are friends, albeit unconventionally so.  Anyway, I buy it that Rachel Grey wouldn't violate Spider-Man's privacy to see what's going on in his head, but I'm thinking that the new Spidey needs to run into Emma Frost.  It would be hard to imagine her having such reservations.  Overall, I liked this one, and I'm glad to see that it's going to have an ongoing story, as although the team-up concluded, it set things up for the next issue.

Hawkeye #7 - This issue is Matt Fraction's response to Hurricane Sandy, if you will.  Basically, it's got Hawkeye and his friends dealing with what happened.  It doesn't feel too much like a superhero story, but this series is barely your standard superhero fare in the first place - which is part of its appeal.  Anyway, I didn't like this one as much as I've liked the past issues, but it certainly has its place as an important comic along the same lines as the 9/11 issue of The Amazing Spider-Man.

Avengers #4 - Glad to see that this whole Hyperion guy gets explained in this issue.  Plus, it's not like the story from the first three issues is actually complete.  I'm not sure what to think of this series.  It's different, that's for sure.  I'm not entirely convinced that I'll be sticking around for some time, but I'm at least interested enough to check out the next issue.  I'm just hoping that I won't have to wait too long for some payoff.

Batman Incorporated #7 - This certainly is the oddest Batman title around, which is what keeps it interesting.  I'm not sure where Grant Morrison is going with all this, but it's nice to see that he's following up on ideas that first came up in the initial Batman Incorporated intro book.

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