Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Comics Roundup for 1/9/13

Superior Spider-Man #1 - I realize that it's the norm for anybody who's writing about the Spider-Man books to bash them nowadays, but you still won't find me doing it.  Obviously, I don't want this Doc Ock in Spidey's body to be what they're still doing years from now (and I don't believe for a second that's what anybody at Marvel wants either).  Still, I found myself eagerly flipping through the pages, and I like how even though Octavius has the sense of responsibility, he continues to be an arrogant blowhard.  I especially love the fact that he sits there at the dinner table with Mary Jane with one of those douchey headsets in his ear.  You gotta figure it's only a matter of time until she catches on that something's wrong - and again, she continues to be an interesting character as his non-wife.

As for the twist at the end?  I wasn't surprised, but I was glad to see it.


Basically, we find out that Peter is still holding on to at least a little bit of control, and he's continuing to fight to regain full consciousness of his own body.  Personally, I could have settled for a more subtle way of showing this and holding off on this reveal until the third or fourth issue.

Punisher War Zone #3 (of 5) - Thor versus the Punisher?  It's not much of a contest, so it ends in a conversation - a somewhat interesting one though.

Thor:  God of Thunder #4 - More excellent stuff, and we're starting to see how the young Thor, present-day Thor, and Old Thor stories tie together.  I hope we get a motivation for the villain.  He's kinda like Christopher Hitchens as a god-killing supervillain, only not sympathetic.

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