Saturday, February 23, 2013

Comics Roundup for 2/20/13

Indestructible Hulk #4 - I've been a bit torn with this series, but the end of the last issue really started to get my attention.  With this one, I was interested in the beginning but didn't care as much for the end.  I guess I'm interested enough - especially now that we know why the Hulk has armor on him - to at least get the next issue.  I don't know, maybe Peter David's run on the character has spoiled me for all time.

Savage Wolverine #2 - While the artwork is really nice on this, the story just isn't interesting enough to keep me on board for another issue.  I'm hoping that the new, adjectiveless Wolverine story will be more interesting.  This one though feels like it has little consequence in the life of the character - kinda like it's a fill-in, and I have a feeling that it's either going to end when Frank Cho leaves or they'll get some second-tier creative team after that, which will mean that it will end shortly after that.

Daredevil #23 - This was pretty good throughout the whole thing, as Matt Murdock helps his friend, Foggy Nelson, deal with his cancer diagnosis.  The last page had me pause on it for several minutes before I finally closed the book.

The Superior Spider-Man #4 - Fun stuff, as usual, and I really like the fact that the original Green Goblin is back.  I suppose it would be too much to hope for things to get even more interesting with the original Hobgoblin mixing things up as well, but that's probably not going to happen.

Avengers #6 - I really have to wonder how accessible this book would be to anybody unfamiliar with the Marvel Universe.  And even with an old hand like myself, this certainly isn't the Captain Universe that I recognize.  I'm still intrigued, but this book had better start paying off soon, or I'm done.

Captain America #4 - The main story is wacky and just interesting enough, but the flashbacks are getting to be even more compelling, just as I hoped.  While it's nothing groundbreaking, it's cool seeing the life of a young Steve Rogers.  I wonder if any of this terrain has been covered before or not.  Still, I'd like to see a return to good old Earth 616 soon.  Oh, and I do think that John Romita, Jr. is producing some of his best artwork in a while, even if he might be channeling Jack Kirby just a wee bit.

Green Lantern #17 - Turns out Geoff Johns is leaving this book - not that it has any bearing on my enjoyment of this issue.  Anyway, as usual, I liked this installment.  I'm not sure that I'm going to stick around after Johns leaves though, as I don't have the same attachment to this character as I do a lot of other ones, and it was Rebirth that got me on board with this stuff in the first place.

Thor:  God of Thunder #5 - Easily one of my favorite books right now - great art, great story.

Wonder Woman #17 - This was a bit of a weak entry, but I've seen those before with this series only to find it get really interesting again - especially when the original artist comes back.  I'm not too worried about it all.  I'm still wondering exactly who the mysterious guy in the ice is supposed to be - not to mention how Orion is still breathing after slapping WW on the butt.

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