Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ranking the Comics Adaptations - Part III

Part I - Movies I haven't heard of and movies I don't plan to see.

Before I get to my 54 movie countdown, I have one more list of films to get through. These are movies that I have seen, but I don't remember well enough to include them on the list. I will try and guesstimate roughly where I think they would wind up if I had included them.

Movies I'm not including because I don't remember them well enough:

American Splendor  - I remember really liking this story about Harvey Pekar's life, which is basically the same subject of his comic book. Paul Giamatti turned in a fun performance as well. I imagine that this one would probably rank pretty high on the list - easily in the top half, if not the top third.

Ghost World - I read the comic, and I liked the movie. I don't remember too much other than that. This would probably rank in the top half at the very least.

A History of Violence - Never read the comic book, but I thought that the movie was a decent little thriller - not much more than that. It would probably rank somewhere halfway through the list.

Judge Dredd - For crap's sakes - DREDD DOESN'T REMOVE HIS HELMET!!!!! Other than that, I don't remember this as being horrible, but it was more interested in being a vehicle for Sylvester Stallone than an adaptation of the comic book. It probably wouldn't rank at the very bottom of the list, but it definitely not make it past the bottom 25%.

The Mask - Never read the comic, and from what I understand, the movie took a decidedly more humorous tone with the material. I remember liking it, but I have no idea how well it would hold up. I honestly can't even guess where it would belong on the list - probably not the very bottom at least.

Men in Black - This movie was okay, and I can't say much more about it than that. There were enough good parts to probably elevate it past the bottom 25%, but I don't know if it would get much closer than the bottom 33.33333333%.

Mystery Men - I remember this as being pretty uneven. There were some good moments, but overall it didn't quite stick together. Probably somewhere in the bottom 25% but not much further down than that.

The Punisher - Low budget schlock with a character who lacks his defining symbol - a giant skull. Probably be in the bottom 10%.

Road to Perdition - I remember not liking this one as much as the hype made me think that I would. While I don't remember anything particularly wrong with it, I wasn't very engaged in the story either. I'm not sure where I'd rank it, but I don't think that I'm curious enough to watch it again to find out either.

Spawn - I don't mind CGI effects, but I do mind them when there are tons of them and they all suck. It's like the whole movie was screaming: "Hey! Look at this CGI effect! Doesn't it suck?" Dreck. Bottom 10%, easily.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Yes, I saw this. In the theater. Shut up. I think that I even liked it. I'm afraid to see it again and learn just how low I'd rank it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze - Vanilla Ice is in it. GREATEST. MOVIE. OF. ALL. TIME. No, wait, that was Cool as Ice.

Timecop - I read the few comics that this character actually appeared in, and I wanted to check out the movie because I like time travel stories. It was decent, but I doubt it would hold up very well.

Wanted - I remember thinking that if I was a teenager, I would have absolutely LOVED this movie. I'm an adult, so I was merely entertained. From what I understand, it bears little resemblance to the comic book series.

Weird Science - I had no idea that this was a comic book. I'm also not entirely sure that I've seen this movie in its entirety. I think that I may have seen it on TV once or something.


Sophia said...

The best thing about Mystery Men is the Sphinx. Every time I see someone's meme with a "wise quote" or something I think of the Sphinx. "If you cannot control your anger, your anger will control you..."

Ingrid Johnson said...

Of all the movies you quoted I think I only saw "Cowboys and Aliens", and "Mask", I liked them both.