Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Man Who

So, I finished writing the first draft of my epic today. I'm pretty pleased with myself, but I'm also zonked, and I don't feel like writing about what I had originally planned to write in this blog.

Instead, I will present a couple of videos that feature yours truly. A few years back, my friends and I got together and made a couple of videos. We used to make all sorts of stupid movies when we were teenagers, and we basically just wanted to do that, except we actually wanted to plan it out a bit and do some editing.

It was a real collaboration between all of us. (The first video there's four of us, the second one has the original four plus a couple of extras who helped out as well). We all took part in the writing, acting, editing, and music selection process. (Some moreso than others in certain areas.)

What we have is something that a lot of people find to be really funny (especially us), but many others just sit there with a blank look on their face, not quite realizing that it's supposed to be funny. I once solicited some opinions from a message board that I frequent, and basically nobody on it got it at all. So, if you know me in person, then you're more likely to find them funny. If I'm only a cyber-friend, you might start to think that you've been chatting it up with a crazy person all this time. Anyway, it's all in good fun. We had a good time making it, and be forwarned - potty-mouthed language shall ensue (mostly by me, oddly enough).

The Man Who

The Man Who Two - The Man Who Spanks Fruit


nonmagical thinking said...

Both of those were funny !!! I love independent films, short films, homemade films...all kinds of stuff like that.

This reminded me of a dash of John Waters (the surreal) and a dash of Werner Herzog (the experimental).

You guys should do more of these.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Could you tell which one was me? I had more hair (and a bit more girth too, I think) than I do now. Oh, what a difference a few years makes.

nonmagical thinking said...

Yep, I could tell which one was you. You were the guy wearing a lot of shirts and the guy with a thick finger in your nose.

Now, Lance, isn't that how you always wanted people to identify you?

Lance Christian Johnson said...

The correct answer is:

"The incredibly handsome one."

But yeah, I'll take the guy with the thick finger up his nose.

Weemaryanne said...

I'm almost certain I've never witnessed the consumption of quite so much cheese that wasn't incorporated into a sandwich, a pizza, or a fondue.

(Yeah, I'm old enough to remember the fondue fad. Ecchh.)

Lance Christian Johnson said...

I haven't touched pepperjack since.

But for the record - no, I didn't actually eat the whole thing. Oh, the wonders of editing!