Saturday, August 28, 2010

Comics Roundup for 8/25/10

The New Avengers #3 - When it was determined that my son, Logan, would be born on a Wednesday, I thought it would be a fun idea to buy the current issue of his namesake, Wolverine. However, I don't currently read that series, but I do read this one, which features the feral mutant. Since Wolverine is featured prominently on the cover, I skipped whatever Wolverine comic came out. Anyway, the comic itself was a solid issue that perhaps focused more on Iron Fist than Wolverine, but that's okay. I think that I finally see the purpose for this title by this point. Basically, when Bendis took over the franchise with the first New Avengers series, he really changed the way an Avengers book was done. It featured a team of heroes who had a bit more of an edge to them than the traditional Avengers team. It really had its own unique feel to it, with a more informal tone than one would expect from an Avengers book. Well, now that we have The Avengers, we have a more traditional series, but this one allows us to have the "new" style that us fans have embraced. I'm hoping that makes some sense, and I'm sure that it doesn't if you don't read comics. But hey, if you don't read comics, why are you reading this anyway? Is it because you thought it would be another baby-based blog entry?

Secret Avengers #3 - This issue was decent, but I'm starting to have my doubts about Brubaker being able to handle a team book. Basically, we got a lot of Super Soldier, Ant Man, and Nova, and the rest of the team felt a bit superfluous. Still, Brubaker has probably written the vast majority of some of my favorite comics over the past five years, so I'll stick with it and give him the benefit of the doubt. This series still has a lot of potential, and hopefully it will all pan out.

The Amazing Spider-Man #640 - While all the details aren't in, we finally get a hint as to what the new explanation is for Spidey finally getting his identity to be secret yet again. It's nice to see that Tony Stark is going to be part of the big picture, and hopefully the next issue will touch on some of the issues between the characters that I was hoping to see in The Avengers.

Superman: Secret Origin #6 (of 6) - Now that this series has concluded, my thought is that it was perfectly enjoyable, but entirely unnecessary. Personally, I would have rather seen Geoff Johns and Gary Frank continue for another six issues of Action Comics and tell some present-day stories of Superman. Still, it was a solid read, but I don't think that it does the same thing as Man of Steel did years ago...but maybe it wasn't supposed to.

The Avengers #4 - This issue is filled with all kinds of craziness, and any attempt to explain the story would be pointless. Basically, you've got a lot of superheroes, time travel, and alternate realities. You've also got John Romita, Jr. really cutting loose with some giant, cinematic moments. Bendis is doing a good job of juggling all the characters and giving us a more traditional Avengers book albeit with a slightly "new" lineup.

Batman #702 - This fills in the last gap of R.I.P., and once again it's kind of confusing. Still, even at his most confusing, Grant Morrison's writing is always compelling. The guy throws a billion ideas into every issue, and it's just a bit tough to keep up with them sometimes. Anyway, Tony Daniel's taking over the writing again next issue, and Morrison is moving to a new Batman title. Daniel did a decent job on his last writing gig, but I think that I'll just follow Morrison over to the new series. I've got to cut back what with this whole baby thing and all.

Captain America #609 - This issue doesn't do anything special, as it's just another chapter in the current story. However, the story is a really good and compelling one, and this part fits in nicely while moving it along at a decent pace. Baron Zemo hasn't been this interesting since the early issues of Thunderbolts, so it's good to see him again. And again, the Nomad backup story was decent. I doubt that I'd buy it if it was on its own, but I mind the extra buck that each issue runs a little less with it in it.

Echo #24 - Is it just me, or does every issue of this series end very abruptly? Anyway, things are moving along nicely, but I'm thinking that I'm going to have to sit down and reread several issues in a row to get back up to speed as to what's happening.

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